10 Fallout Shelter Tips for Vault Dwellers


Welcome to the vault. Once you’ve established your vault, it’s time to explore the dangers of the wastes. Here are 10 tips for newcomers to Fallout Shelter Tips, as provided by Vault-Tec. 

We at Vault-Tec have prepared your family with the latest in survival technologies and strategies so that you’ll thrive in these trying times. To succeed, you’ll need to think like a pro from the start: from where to put your first room down (and connect it up) through managing population growth and food supply. So let’s get started!

Start with a 3×3 room.

A 3×3 room is the best size for a starting vault. It’s large enough to be efficient, but small enough to be manageable. You can easily fit a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in a 3×3 space without feeling cramped or crowded. The extra space will make it easier for you to expand your shelter later on when you have more time and resources available from exploring the Wasteland outside your vault door.

Connect your rooms in the right order.

It’s important to connect the rooms in a way that makes the most sense for your vault. Rooms should be grouped by type (e.g., power rooms, food storage, medical area), and you shouldn’t connect them too far apart or too close together. You also shouldn’t connect two rooms in the same row or column, nor should you connect two rooms that are in the same area of your bunker (e.g., if there’s an armory door along one wall of your living quarters room).

Focus on food first!

Food is hard to get and spendable so you must save as much as you can of it while still making sure your dweller has enough to survive healthily.

Buying food or water purifiers or even doors, walls, and other equipment will help your dweller stay healthy longer and be ready for battle when they are called upon by the vault overseer (or his replacement).

Focus on population control.

Your vault dwellers will be the most important aspect of your vault, so you need to make sure that you’re keeping an eye on their happiness. Check-in on their mood every few days and make sure that neither they nor any of their friends are unhappy enough to start fights or leave the vault. If one person is unhappy, it could easily spread to others within a few days, making your population control much more difficult.

If you keep track of these three things (population, resources, and happiness), then you’ll quickly become a master at managing your fallout shelter tips!

Embrace the Dweller rush-hour mindset.

You should be prepared. The first few days after the apocalypse will be stressful and chaotic, but eventually, you’ll get into a rhythm. You should aim to strike a balance between taking care of yourself and helping others when they need it. Dwellers will want to use your bathroom, eat food and sleep in your shelter throughout the day; try not to feel like you’re always on call 24/7:

  • Take time for yourself: Bathroom breaks are important! If your toilet facilities are full or if no one is using them at that moment, don’t feel guilty about using them for personal reasons.
  • Eat up: After all, you won’t survive without food intake! Try eating three meals per day (which is standard).
  • Sleep well: Sleep is essential for well-being both physically and mentally!

Don’t handicap yourself with random disasters or fires.

  • Don’t let fires burn down your rooms.
  • Don’t let radroaches or mole rats get into your rooms.
  • Don’t let dwellers die of starvation or disease.
  • Don’t let dwellers die on roads.
  • If a room catches on fire, make sure there’s an exit and close the door behind everyone who leaves the room (so they can’t come back in).

Equip your Dwellers and assign them to rooms efficiently.

It’s important to equip your dwellers with weapons and armor. These will help keep them safe when they are outside of their rooms while the vault is being raided by raiders or radroaches. Additionally, you can assign them jobs based on their skills: A barber who has a high science skills might be well suited for the power room; a medic with high charisma may make an excellent chef instead of having to tend wounds in sickbay all day long. Just make sure that you have enough power rooms as well as plenty of beds and food (and maybe even an entertainment center) before assigning jobs!

Level up your Dwellers by training at work and taking trips to the wasteland.

By training your Dwellers in the wasteland, you can get them to level up. Doing so will increase their stats and give them access to new perks, allowing them to do better work at their jobs. This is a great way of increasing the overall productivity of your Vault Dweller population!

Get more dwellers by breeding strong survivors (and protect them while they do).

Breeding and raising children can be an important part of your vault. Stronger survivors are more likely to have strong children, and thus, you’ll want to protect them during pregnancy. When you’re ready for a new generation of vault dwellers, send your chosen pair into one of the many private rooms found throughout your vault (the medical bay is best suited for this purpose). Once there—and after the father has done his duty—it’s time to head back out into the wasteland so that Mom and Dad can fend off raiders while awaiting their offspring’s arrival!

While in these private rooms, don’t forget that Mama will need some help recovering from giving birth! Vault medics are standing by at all times with birthing kits full of painkillers, antibiotics, and other recovery essentials; use them when necessary by checking on your pregnant survivor in question first before handing over any items or spending any caps on her care.”

You can make your Vault thrive by playing smart!

While the apocalypse may be on everyone’s mind, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Your Vault is a safe place to live and can be made even better with a little smart thinking.

  • Food is a big deal: If you have food and water, your dwellers will be happy, healthy, and productive. Without these basics, they’ll become unhappy and start dying off at a faster rate which means fewer workers for you—not good! So if there are too few resources available then the best thing to do is take care of that problem before anything else happens by tapping on the supplies button (the green button with two arrows pointing away from each other) to go over everything that needs fixing or replacing. If something isn’t working right then fix it right away so nothing causes problems down the line when things get hectic around here!
  • More workers mean more happiness: The more people living inside your vault means more work being done which equals happier citizens who aren’t out there scavenging everywhere like crazy maniacs just trying not to die immediately from some kind of disease outbreak or radiation poisoning!”


Hopefully, you’ve seen how important it is to have fallout shelter tips. Many things can go wrong during an EMP blast or nuclear attack, but with the right information and planning ahead of time, your family won’t suffer from those effects.

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