2022 Mustang Shelby GT500 – A Must-Have Muscle Car

Whenever a discussion about muscle cars comes up, the first name that pops into most people’s heads is Ford Mustang. Among all available Mustangs, the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is from a different breed.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of this vehicle offers people thrills and excitement that no other muscle car can provide. You can check out or purchase this amazing muscle car by visiting Sedona Ford dealer immediately.

Now take a look at this outstanding vehicle in detail!

Shelby GT500’s beastly powertrain

The vehicle is known for its powerful engine that roars its rivals to a distant land. The V8 5.2L engine is known as Predator and spits out a whopping 760 horses and a massive torque of 625 lb-ft. Such power is transferred to its rear wheels with the assistance of an automatic dual-clutch 7-speed transmission. However, for this generation, there isn’t a manual transmission provided.

The standard option comes with summer tires while the optional package will have a Carbon Fiber Track pack, which consists of rubber but is ultra-sticky. This package includes carbon-fiber 20-inch wheels.

This Mustang offers better acceleration than most of its rivals and it hits 60 mph within 3.4 seconds. People who opt for its rolling stock’s upgraded version will have a better cornering grip. Also, this vehicle is completely optimized for track duty; this vehicle is proof that people can have quicker lap timing than other exotic machines.

Moreover, if it’s not terrorizing other sports cars on a track, it can be used for daily commutes too. Its curb weight, agile handling, short accelerations, etc. makes driving this vehicle regularly quite fun and exciting for all. In addition, its remarkable suspension and adaptive dampers make it quite a pleasant ride for any day.

Interior of Mustang Shelby GT500

The interior of this Shelby GT500 is similar to an ordinary Mustang but certain specs aren’t available on the regular Mustang model. Similar aspects include design, cargo room, passenger space, etc.

The difference you can observe includes the instrument panel with carbon-fiber trim, more aggressive looks, front buckets are exclusive Recaro that is Shelby specific model and various other features.

Other features for people to enjoy are dual-zone climate controlling aspect, leather-trimmed seats, 12-inch comprehensive digitized gauge cluster, cooled and heated cushions, powered 6-way driver’s seat, etc. People can also opt for its default aluminum-designed dashboard or get the optional carbon-fiber exposed design. For any infotainment or connectivity details, you can always visit Sedona Ford dealership.

Price tag of Mustang Shelby GT500

Two versions are available for this Mustang – one is Shelby GT500, while the other one is Shelby GT500KR. These two are priced at $80,800 and $127,900 respectively. Now it will depend on you, which variant will be ideally suited to your need and is within your budget.

The 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500’s specs clearly show why this is a must-have muscle car in your garage. If you have any doubt about this vehicle, just take a test drive of it. After your test ride as soon as you return to the showroom you will buy it immediately.

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