4 Best And Worst Things To Eat At Golden Corral

The smorgasbord served by Golden Corral is the most alluring buffet there is. Whether you follow a keto genic, Paleolithic, vegan, or other dietary philosophy, there is something there for just about every taste and eating style. In order to accommodate the increasing demand, this diner’s paradise expanded in the middle of the 1980s from a steakhouse to a buffet and grill with additional seats and a salad bar.

Golden Corral scored very well in the 2019 Entrepreneur Magazine Annual Franchise 500. Despite having closed nearly 100 locations since 2019 (via FSR) and dealing with a love-hate relationship with diners, this buffet brawler continues to compete for the championship buffet belt while forking and chopping. It continues to win, in the opinion of a lot of people.

With a menu that now offers selections for breakfast, noon, and dinner, it might be the variety of fresh meals that have helped Golden Corral garner such a devoted following. In addition to classic dishes like pot roast and sirloin steak, the buffet features a baked potato station, a salad bar, and a dessert station. Which choices are therefore the greatest and the worst for Golden-obsessed all-you-can-eaters? To help you understand the culinary options, we’ve compiled our best picks from each category. And also you can check out golden corral dinner prices from here.

Best#1: Fried chicken

It may seem surprising that a fried item would be on the Golden Corral’s best side of the menu, but this protein-rich choice fits many popular dietary regimens that limit carbohydrates while promoting fats and protein.

Best#2: Shrimp

Golden fried shrimp from Golden Corral has six pieces, 210 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 9 grams of protein — not bad for a battered crustacean. Seafood lovers, rejoice.

Best#3: salad bar

When there is a salad bar at an all-you-can-eat buffet, you have a convenient option for putting together a satisfying meal. Vegetarians and vegans can choose from a wide array of spinach and mixed greens that are topped with raw vegetables, a variety of seeds, nuts, and other nutritious power foods.

Best#4: Bourbon Street Chicken

If online imitation recipes are to be believed, this smoky-sweet chicken meal from Golden Corral is one of their most well-liked offerings.

Worst#1: Fried cheese ravioli

Perhaps an upscale take on pizza rolls would make a delicious party dish, but when Golden Corral’s fried cheese raviolis are an option, it’s anything but a celebration.

Worst#2: Mac and cheese 

According to Smithsonian Magazine, mac and cheese is a greatly adored side dish that became a traditional American cuisine in the middle of the 20th century with the introduction of processed and packaged food.

Worst#3: Chipped beef in cream.

Some people may have fond recollections of eating chipped beef, but slices of beef floating in béchamel sauce are best left in the past. Despite its colourful and even profanity-filled past, according to Atlas Obscura, this dish is simply not appetising no matter who serves it.

Worst#4: Bread pudding

Bread pudding, one of the most decadent sweets this side of gourmet baking, is a comfort food laden with carbs that has never been good for anyone’s health. It might be tasty, but then again, most things soaked in eggs, bread, and sugar are.


In conclusion, Golden Corral offers a wide variety of dishes for all types of eaters, you can check golden corral prices from here to have an idea what type of food they offer whether they are keto, paleo, vegan, or dining agnostic. Despite facing some challenges and closing some locations, the restaurant has managed to maintain a loyal following due to its variety of fresh dishes, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Some of the best options to choose from include the fried chicken, shrimp, salad bar, and bourbon street chicken. On the other hand, the worst options include the fried cheese ravioli, mac and cheese, creamed chipped beef, and bread pudding. Overall, Golden Corral offers a diverse range of options, making it a great destination for all-you-can-eaters.

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