5 Content Marketing Trends That Are Changing the SEO

Digital marketing is continuously and quickly evolving, and you should keep up with ever-changing marketing trends to stay relevant and appear in search engine rankings. As content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand, you also need to stay abreast with content marketing trends. If you are finding it challenging, you can hire an SEO company in Dubai and always remain on top of changing market trends. Let’s explore the five content marketing trends that affect your SEO.

Voice searches

You might have ignored this in your SEO strategy, but this trend is rapidly increasing because of the convenience it offers to users. According to the latest Google study, almost 20% of online searches are now done through voice. Furthermore, voice-activated content is constantly growing. So you need to integrate this important trend in your digital marketing strategy and start using a conversational tone in all your content.

Content optimized for user intent

Over time, search engines and content have changed their way of working. As both now synchronize and follow specific rules, you need to follow this trend focusing on the user intent. Google is now trying to provide more personalized and better-optimized content to every user. So you need to do in-depth research to identify your user intent and their pain points. You can also take the assistance of a professional SEO company in Dubai to refine your research and make it more precise.

Personalized content

In the world of content marketing, personalized marketing is now a buzzword. This type of content focuses on creating a direct connection between the customer and the brand, which has plenty of benefits. It helps deliver a better user experience as the content is crafted according to the interests and preferences of the target customers. By creating personalized content, you can boost your rate of conversion and increase customer satisfaction.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing trend has tremendously grown in recent years, and it’s still growing. A Nielsen study shows that 83% of consumers rely on their peer recommendations rather than relying on commercials or advertisements. It is because influencers have a powerful impact on the decision-making of their followers. Moreover, they can help brands create real and shareable content, build lasting relationships with the audience, spread brand campaigns across various platforms, etc. So by leveraging the expertise of an SEO agency in Dubai, you can harness the benefits of influencer marketing.

Video content

As expected, over the years, the consumption of video content has dramatically increased, and this trend is not going anywhere. People love watching and making videos, and all types of video platforms that have popped up in recent years are witnesses to this. Making podcasts, YouTube videos, and TickTock videos about your products and services can help you increase traffic, and build brand awareness, identity, loyal customer base, and so on. You can also utilize live video streaming on various platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, etc., to gain the attention of your target audience.

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