5 Media Storage Cabinet | Add Extra Space in Your Room

An attractive wooden storage cabinet in your home can help you relax by giving you more storage space and a nicer look. Read on to find out. The ongoing pandemic has disturbed both our bodies and our minds. Stress is becoming a regular part of our lives because of frequent lockdowns, online learning, WFH, and long periods of being alone.

Clutter is one of the many things that can make you feel tense and worried. It also makes everyday tasks harder. When everyone is living together, you need more space for groceries, everyday items, and fun things. Without a media storage cabinet, the rooms look like a mess.

A study published in “The personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” found that women who live in messes are more likely to feel tired and down. Researchers also found that women who had to deal with a messy home had high levels of the stress hormone cortisol (stress-releasing hormones). And solid wood media storage cabinets that are carefully made by hand can help you organize and clean in ways that are good for your mental health.

What is a Storage Cabinet?

A storage cabinet, also called a buffet, is a piece of furniture usually used in the dining room to place dishes, serve food, and store things. It usually has a flat tabletop and a set of cupboards, cabinets, or drawers. This makes it easy to have guests over. In addition to being useful, it can also help make your rooms look better.

Different Storage Cabinets For Your Home

1. Dining Room Cabinet:

Placing buffet cabinets next to your dining table may redefine what it means to dine and entertain. Thanks to their substantial and durable structure, they provide a roomy space to keep your china, silverware, and other dining necessities. The best option combines a traditional appearance with contemporary features, like a dovetail interlocking system for easily working doors and drawers.

2. Living Room Cabinet:

A compelling living space is enhanced by cabinet furniture that combines the form and purpose of hiding and displaying. While your décor artifacts are displayed in the top display area, the low-lying, closed compartments arrange the clutter.

Modern living room cabinet designs contribute to creating cleaner, more tranquil spaces. The most common TV display units are cabinets. All the outside necessities are conveniently kept in the entryway cupboards, and a vase filled with fresh flowers adds visual interest.

3. Partition Wooden Shelves:

Carefully built storage organizers made of solid wood species like teak, oak, mahogany, etc., serve as 3-in-1 pieces of furniture. To add more storage for compact spaces, these are tall cabinets with hutches built on top of a cabinet or buffet. They are perfect for partition walls, with the top half including open storage areas or mirrored shelves to display decor. To arrange and hide stray items, use the compartments and bottom drawers.

4. Workstation Cabinet:

It appears that WFH will now be a part of our working style due to the continuous pandemic. The well-made, sleek modern cabinets can help you add a tonne of extra storage space close to your workspace. When you have all of your office supplies close at hand, you can keep your desk clear of clutter.

To increase focus and productivity, you may also utilize the tabletop surface as a workstation or as a place to showcase live plants.

5. Wall Mounted Cabinet:

Floating shelves are room-transforming décor pieces, regardless of your space size. You can organize numerous objects in your spaces with the help of these minimalist pieces in such a way that you never feel cramped or cluttered. Since they are mounted on the walls, your home has plenty of open space and looks neat inside.

The media storage cabinet designs in their modest color tones always garner the classic choice attention at our Bone and Brass shop. Then there are the eclectic designs to give an elegant and organized look to your place.

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