5 Things an eCommerce PPC Agency Can Do to Improve Campaign Performance

For some businesses, eCommerce PPC is a lifeline. It takes a long time to build an appreciable social media presence and generate high domain authority that will sustain organic traffic through the search results.

In the short term, at least, bringing in high-quality traffic, that converts, through PPC, is critical.

But, to run a PPC campaign well, it’s also critical to make the right optimizations.

These are some of the most important of them, which an eCommerce PPC agency worth its salt will make for your campaign to improve your PPC strategy.

Regularly Update Your Target Keyword List

When you start a campaign, you’re going to have to choose a certain number of keywords. Most if not all of these will seem lucrative.

Until you get a few weeks if not months into the campaign, and notice that some are not performing well.

Don’t just stick with them to spite the initial decision. That is a sunk cost; discard the keywords that don’t perform well, add in negative keywords, and some local keywords if it makes sense, too.

By dropping spend from the low performers, a digital marketing agency can reallocate the budget to new keywords or to existing keywords that are top performers.

Capitalize on Remarketing Campaigns for Your Online Store

Sometimes users click on a PPC ad, and have willingness to purchase, but it’s just not the “right time.”

Being as visible as possible to these users in the interim periods vastly improves the chances that they will buy with you.

To do so, utilize remarketing (also called retargeting) in which users are tracked on your site; then, send them relevant ads on other sites.

Optimize Landing Pages

Bad landing pages have no doubt cost businesses conversions. Once you get a click, it’s on the landing page to close the deal.

Some best practices for landing page optimization include a design that delivers on expectations and has navigation that is straightforward and simple.

The design should be appealing, brand-integrated, and advertise the subject matter of the ad. If the user clicked on an ad for “work boots,” then that landing page had better be central to the category or product that garnered the click.

Lastly, the page should have clear calls to action that spur visitors to taking a desired action, whether it is signing up, calling, or buying – or even something else.

Utilize Manual Bidding Instead of Automated Bidding

Automated bidding takes a load off your plate, but it can result in a sloppy strategy or no strategy at all.

Manual bidding allows you to target the best keywords, at the best times, as needed. While automated bidding usually targets an audience that is too broad, manual bidding can improve your performance on focus keywords while improving click-through rate and facilitating the creation of bidding tiers.

A/B Testing

Last but not least, an eCommerce marketing agency can A/B test – everything. It’s impossible to know how anything will perform – landing page design, ad copy or variants, visuals, keywords – until you actually put them to the grindstone.

You also want to be using the best-performing piece of the puzzle, and oftentimes, A/B testing is the only way to identify it so it can be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Hiring a Qualified eCommerce PPC Agency to Turn Your Campaign Around

No one wants to pay for clicks that don’t convert, and that’s hardly a trite observation, nor is it one that only affects certain merchants or industries.

On top of that, running an eCommerce PPC campaign the right way, for the highest possible ROAS, is resource-intensive and time-consuming.

Working with a qualified eCommerce PPC agency may be able to help by engaging in all of the tactics and techniques covered here with the goal of improving performance and bringing you additional business.

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