A 5-minute guide to boxing gloves accessories

Boxing is a sport that comes with a diverse equipment range, and no matter how much you hoard, it won’t feel enough. Boxing gloves are typically thought of as the only accessory imperative to the sport, but it’s more of a myth and holds no truth. 

Boxers used to compete bare-knuckled, without gloves or any safety equipment. They would create a circle and start fighting until one opponent gave up or could not keep up. 

Because of the improvements in boxing equipment, safety gear, and combat arenas, modern boxing is a more refined version of its historical forerunner. 

Read this blog to get a quick and detailed insight into the equipment used in boxing so you can prepare yourself for a better practice session or contest. 

Clothing Items With Boxing Gloves

Every clothing article in the boxing ring with you should be breezy, comfy, and not too tight for a smooth movement. If you’ve ever seen a boxing contest, then you know that the gear does not include bulky pieces of clothing. 

So the clothing section for the boxing equipment will be short and brief. Let’s take a look at them.

Fighting Shorts

The boxing trunks are one of the most iconic pieces of the garment. It’s not just an essential clothing article in boxing gear but has also evolved into a statement item for most athletes. They get their names, initials, signatures, hidden messages, and other things customized on their shorts. 

The colors or patterns on the trunks literally symbolize the players’ personalities. For instance, the legendary and bold trunks with gold tassels and designs donned by Floyd Mayweather symbolized his brazen personality and luxurious lifestyle. 

Additionally, like any other sports uniform, the boxing shorts also represent the athletes’ sponsors. 

Throughout his career, Mayweather wore the shorts with Hublot’s inscriptions embroidered on the waistband because they were his lifelong sponsors. 

Boxing Robes

The robes are another statement piece sported by the boxers in the ring before the match starts. During major tournaments, the players are allotted separate rooms for practicing before their match begins. The robes help them to warm up properly and gear up for the upcoming fight. 

However, unlike the boxing shorts, the robes are not essential, and sometimes the players choose not to wear them. They simply don hoodies, loose shirts, or an intricately patterned boxing set. 

If you want to make a statement at your debut match, you should buy a satin robe from a well-reviewed boxing gloves company, and it should cost you not more than $60.

Boxing Trunks

Some people get confused between boxing and fighting shorts or use them interchangeably. However, the boxing shorts serve for practice as well as combat purposes. 

You can wear regular sports shorts while training, but most boxers prefer the trunks specifically made by the boxing manufacturers. These special shorts are designed with satin fabric and a polyester medium as their base. 

The most interesting and useful part of these shorts is that they typically have a built-in velcro strap feature that secures them in place during practice or a fight. The length of the boxing trunks is totally up to your preference, and there are no hard and fast rules. 

Tank Tops With The Boxing Equipment

We usually see the players in their boxing gloves, shorts, and shirtless during the match. But some boxers like to wear a t-shirt or a tank top even when they are in the ring for a match. 

Just like the trunks, there are no fixed rules for the length or fitting of a boxing tank top, so you can wear any style that suits you and a design that makes you feel comfortable. 

Several boxing equipment manufacturers produce shirts with logos or specific boxing-relevant phrases for a catchy and sporty look. 

Mouth Guards

A mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of fighting equipment. It is compulsory to wear it during a match, and throwing it out can deduct your points on the scorecard. 

They are mostly made of a rubbery material, so the boxers can feel comfy and secure. The price of mouthguards differs based on the single or double protection layers, size, material, and brand. 

Boxing Shoes

The footwear is a core component of boxing, so finding the right pair of shoes is essential for the best performance. Whether an amateur or an expert, boxing shoes are a must-have, and you cannot enter the gym or ring without them. 

These shoes provide an amazing two-in-one benefit, including ankle support and a light and breezy foot movement. You can find a pair of boxing shoes for as low as $50. 

Boxing Tape

Beneath the gloves, the boxers must wear a hand wrap that is secured tightly around their wrist to protect the palm and thumbs and throw stronger blows. When wrapping their hands, every boxer has their own preference. 

Some players like to use a cloth wrap, and others use a strong adhesive tape or gauze specially designed to cater to their athletic needs. In terms of price, both the cloth and tape wraps are affordable, so you can get them for $20 or even less. 

Whether you want to buy high-quality and stylish boxing shorts or tank tops or are looking for a durable pair of shoes to step into the ring with strength, Infinitude Fight has everything you need. You can just visit the online store and buy everything in the comfort of your home. 
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