A Comprehensive Guide to polish your car like a Pro

There’s no denying that possessing a car is a significant investment. By this, we aren’t only referring to the thousand dollars you pay for it, but also the maintenance cost that tags along. While getting your vehicle to car repair services in Dubai or elsewhere is a norm, doing it yourself can save you a lot of financial hassle. Likewise, keeping your car’s finished look doesn’t need a hefty paycheck, nor does it require you to take a professional repair course. With that said, let’s determine how polishing your car like a pro takes a few hours with a few steps. 

Step # 1- Start by Rinsing Your Car

Start the procedure by rinsing off your car thoroughly. You must park your car in a shady spot, away from direct sunlight exposure. Pay more attention to dark areas and look for stubborn dust and debris. Ensure that the liquid you’re using to wash your car doesn’t get dry right away. For best results, you must opt for organic car cleaning products. Since they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that can damage the exterior, it’s a safer approach. 

Step # 2- Steam-clean the Exterior 

A car’s exterior requires significant pummeling from natural and artificial materials. Since external factors like pebbles, sharp wood chips, and sand particles can cause the polish to chip off, paint damage leaves tiny cracks that dust and debris can rely on. 

And so, only washing it isn’t enough to remove them, but steam cleaning can. Steaming is highly popular for its softening features, and the same goes for the case of headstrong debris. With steam cleaning, you can clear dusty areas, which leaves you with a smooth and dirt-free surface.

Step # 3- Use Clay Bars to Clear It Off

Cleaning your car thoroughly is an essential part before proceeding with the polishing part. So, you must adhere to its credentials honestly. Next, dry the vehicle’s surface with a microfiber cloth. It’s because waxing a damp surface will result in an uneven application and, consequently, striping. 

While steam cleaning removes excess contaminants, why does car polishing in Dubai and elsewhere often apply a clay bar? Surprisingly, a clay bar helps remove a car’s surface’s slightest haze and imperfections. 

Step # 4- Spread the Polish on the Applicator Pad

In this step, spread the chosen polish onto the surface of the applicator pad to buff it. While doing so, you must ensure that the area is adequately lubricated since a dry buffer can damage your painting procedure. Remember that wax often dries quickly when you’re doing it in an outdoor setting. 

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