A Simple Guide on Painting Concrete Garage Floors

Concrete is one of the best and most durable flooring material making it perfect for spaces that take heavy wear and tear such as garages. Although it is durable, concrete can look boring with its natural grey colour. It may not be that stylish compared to other flooring materials but its durability can never be replaced. 

If you’re bored with that grey concrete floor you have in your garage, then it’s time to spruce it up. You could actually add more life and colour to a concrete floor by painting it. Painting a concrete floor is easy to do and is not really that expensive. If you’re planning to paint your garage floor, this simple guide would surely help you out. 

Choose the Right Paint

You have plenty of options when it comes to concrete floor paint. You could choose from indoor latex paints, oil-based paints, and even two-part epoxies. When choosing floor paints, be sure to consider the slip resistance and clean-up aside from the paint colour. 

Prep the Floor

Garage floor paint jobs aren’t that complicated to do and it usually lasts for a long time as long as the surface is prepared properly and the paint instructions are followed correctly. Before starting and floor paint job, be sure to clean the concrete thoroughly and fix all the damages first. Sweep and vacuum the floor to remove loose debris and use a degreaser and stiff brush to remove oils. Rinse the floor thoroughly to remove all cleaning products and dry completely before painting. 

Roughen the Floor

If your garage floor is trowelled smoothly, you need to roughen it up for the paint to adhere on the surface. You can do this by etching the surface, using a muriatic acid, running a grinder or sander on the floor. After roughening the floor, be sure to vacuum and mop it thoroughly to remove all the dust and debris before applying paint. 

Apply the Paint

It is recommended that you apply two to three coats of paint when painting a concrete surface. For the first coat, thin it well so it absorbs better into the concrete. It is also best to use a paintbrush since it reaches more into the deep parts of the concrete. After drying the first coat, you can apply a thicker second coat using a brush or a roller. You could add a third coat for floors that are heavily textured. 


After painting, it is important to follow adequate curing time before using the floor again. Leave the paint to dry for at least a day before walking on it or a whole week before you drive your vehicle on it again. Curing the paint completely before using the floor is important to prevent chipping or damaging the newly applied paint. 

Painting a concrete floor is not that complicated. As long as you have the right tools and you follow the right steps, you can make your garage floor more beautiful than before without spending too much. 

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