Abu Dhabi Properties: What Should You Consider Before Shortlisting One?

An increasing number of people are moving to UAE and if you are also one of the persons who want to live in UAE then this post can be an insightful one for you. After all, UAE has become a hub for international people. Many individuals from across the globe go there for studies, work and even living the rest of tehri life. Indeed, you can also look for a property for you in ABU dhabi and think of living there. You just need to use abu dhabi property finder and you are good to go.

You know the property  market of UAE has attracted both buyers and sellers from every country and that of even every income bracket. It would not be wrong to say that over the decades, there has been a great shift in the property market with enhanced level of data available to make informed decisions, huger government oversight and even a bigger number of players in the market. Well, having the huge range of options available to investors and potential home owners, one has to be prudent about everything. Before you go ahead and short list a property, it would be nice if you keep yourself vigilant about certain things. Here are some points to consider:

Recognize your purpose 

It is important that you ask yourself  about your purpose of this purchase. Is it going to be for investment purpose or for living. The point is you cannot simply purchase something as investment and at the same time simply you want to use that! Relying on the answer to this question, you then require to look at the details of the property like the number of bedrooms, even the location and services in the vicinity. These things would help you make a right property choice.

Have a budget in mind 

How much are you looking forward to invest in this property? Look at your financial condition and future financial plans and then decide on an amount, if it is Dh500,000, Dh5m or even more. You know what,  there is nothing like an open budget. You have to have a budget bracket to make a wise move.

Don’t get influenced by advertisements 

Indeed, you might see some developers investing heavily in advertising, with their overall projects plastered across billboards on the highway or even the crowded marketplace. Don’t allow such a thing convince you that purchasing from such a developer is going to be a sound investment. If you hear the experts, a good property is  good one. It is not that an advertisement will make it good or bad. A good property is the one that sells itself without any glossy advertisements. Once you come to know about any property in Abu Dhabi, it would be nice if you research well and if possible visit the location to get a better idea about it. This way, you would not be influenced or swayed by any advertisements.

Choose the right timing 

In the present time, you have to be thoughtful about the timing when you purchase a property. Should you do it once the market is experiencing or undergoing a slowdown or when it is simply picking up. The point is it is best to buy a property when people are selling the properties. Remember, in the contemporary time the market is slow, prices are somewhat less, there are good payment plans and even developers are giving great services. This is the correct time to buy. Purchase when people are selling and even sell when people are buying. Indeed, once you watch such things, you buy better!

Seek Guidance if possible 

Remember, it is not about your ego, but about your sensible choices. When you are investing in a property in ABU dhabi or in any other place, you have to be sure that you stay sound. And if you lack the acumen and knowledge about the property sector, it would be great if you seek guidance of experts.

Has any friend , acquaintance or a family member bought property recently? It would be nice if you talk to them. Ask them in case they would have any sort of advice or a list of things you must avoid doing.  It is always better to talk to someone whom you trust personally before you get a property. However, having said so, it would also be good if you take guidance of experts in the field. If you come across any reputed and good real estate experts, taking their help could be helpful too. Their knowledge of the sector, understanding of trends and negotiation skills are going to make the difference for your property buying or even selling experiences. After all, they have a whole network of people that may assist you in making the right choices.

Never overlook registrations 

Make sure that you deal with registered brokers and even developers only. Make sure that the broker you come across and are dealing with is registered with the emirate’s land department or municipality. There are certain platforms of the state that may get you a comprehensive list of all the registered brokers, developers and even projects. What is the point if you liked a property and you are almost done with the paper work but then someone tells you that the property you have seeking is not really registered?

Remember even if you are looking forward to purchase property in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman or even Ras Al Khaimah, ask your broker for his registration or even broker card, issued by the municipality or even land department. Such a thing would be a unique ID issued to the broker and you can easily contact the relevant authority to make any sort of essential inquiries. Registration is one thing that you cannot simply overlook or take lightly.


To sum up , if you come across real estate companies in abu dhabi, make sure that you research well and then take their assistance. Having all the points in mind that the post discussed just now, you can now make a wiser move.

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