Airsoft Guns for Kids: All the Common Questions, Answered

Parents, you might be wondering: “Is airsoft a good idea for my child?”

Well, we have a bunch of answers. See if your question is listed here.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Play Airsoft?

Specific airsoft events and airsoft arenas might have certain rules or age restrictions, but as a general rule, people of all ages are welcome to play. Some airsoft arenas require players under 16 to wear a full-face mask, also.

Use your best parental judgment. You know better than anyone else if your child is responsible enough to play.

What’s the Difference Between an Airsoft and BB Gun?

Airsoft and BB guns are very different. BB guns fire metal projectiles, typically at speeds high enough to be dangerous – and generally high enough to break the skin.

Airsoft guns fire plastic projectiles at much lower speeds – lower than 400 FPS, on average. They can sting up close, and can chip a tooth or injure the eyes, which is why face and eye protection should always be worn – but they are not deadly.

Are Airsoft Guns Safer Than BB Guns?

Airsoft guns are much less dangerous than BB guns provided you treat them with respect and always wear eye and face protection. They are not toys.

Should I Let My Kid Play Airsoft?

Only you can decide, as a parent, if your child is mature enough to play airsoft. The sport can, however, be a great way to introduce your child to team-building and can be a great way to make friends and enjoy time outside.

What Is the Point of Airsoft?

Airsoft is a competitive sport, or game, much like any other. Each airsoft event will have a specific objective, such as capturing the flag, eliminating the other team, and so on and so forth.

Are Airsoft Guns Safe for Kids?

As long as you teach your children the importance of safe handling, that airsoft guns are not toys, and make sure they know they must always wear safety gear that protects their eyes while playing, then airsoft guns can be safe.

What Are Good Airsoft Guns for Kids?

There is a wide range of airsoft guns that are good for kids, but if you want to get into it on an affordable basis, consider getting a model that is spring powered. These are generally more affordable and easier to maintain than more complex gas-powered and electric airsoft guns.

What Are Good Airsoft Guns for 8-Year-Olds?

An 8-year-old is still pretty young, but if you’re interested in getting them into the basics consider getting a spring-powered airsoft gun just to teach basic safety and operation.

Is Airsoft Safe for an 8-Year-Old?

Airsoft can be safe for people of all ages to play so long as the proper safety gear is worn – full face masks are best for children and young players. It’s also a good idea to supervise your children at all times when playing.

What About Airsoft Guns for 10-Year-Olds?

Most 10-year-old kids are a little more mature than 8-year-olds. If you feel your child is ready, you can start them with a beginner AEG, like one of those made by Lancer Tactical or G&G Armament. They are usually very budget-friendly, some feature durable full-metal construction and are great for beginners.

Can You Get Airsoft Guns Online?

Visit MiR Tactical online via the previous link. They carry all of the brands mentioned here, like G&G Armament, KWA Airsoft, and Lancer Tactical airsoft guns (plus spring-powered airsoft guns) with a price match guarantee that ensures the lowest prices in the industry with no airsoft coupon code required

Are There Airsoft Events for Kids?

While there may not be specific airsoft events for kids, some airsoft arenas allow children to participate – although some fields require children under 16 to wear a full-face mask. Rules also vary from field to field, so contact an administrator if you have questions.

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