All You Need to Know About Canadian Work Permits

Work permits are a form of authorization that allows you to work in Canada. To apply for a work permit, you must have valid immigration status and be admissible into Canada. You need to obtain a work permit if you plan to work in Canada for any period longer than three months, whether as an employee or self-employed individual. Canada work permit consultants in Dubai can provide expert consultation to help you with the process.

If you plan on applying for your own employment permit, then it is recommended that your employer applies on your behalf (if possible). It is also important that they provide proof of their full-time employment offer before an application can be made through Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

An application fee applies when applying for this type of visa; however, exemptions are available depending on the job undertaken.

Processing Time

  • Processing time for work permits varies depending on your country of origin and where you apply for your visa.
  • In most cases, processing takes 2-3 weeks but can be as long as 6 months, depending on the country you are applying from. However, if you are eligible for the Canada express entry program, the processing time becomes less.

Who needs a work permit?

If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and want to work in Canada, you will need a work permit. If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and want to study in Canada, you will also need one for most schools. Consultation with an expert, a Canada work permit consultant in Dubai, can help you determine your eligibility for a work permit.

Who doesn’t need a work permit?

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada doesn’t need a work permit. If you are already a citizen, you don’t need anything. If you’re not yet a citizen but have applied for permanent residency, you will only need your PR card when applying for work permits.

How to apply for a work permit?

You can apply for a work permit through several different methods:

  • Apply online. If you are able to provide all the necessary documents and information, you may be able to apply for your Canada work permit online. This is the easiest way to start your application and will save you time.
  • In person at a visa office or border crossing. This option requires traveling across the country to make an appointment at one of these designated locations. However, it’s still possible when necessary (especially if you’re only planning on staying in Canada temporarily).

In both cases, a professional Canada work permit consultant in Dubai can help you streamline the process.

Validity of a Letter of Invitation

The letter of invitation is valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date on which it was issued. The validity period may be shorter if your passport and/or visa expires during the course of your stay in Canada. If you are applying for a work permit under the International Experience Canada program, the letter of invitation is valid for a maximum of 3 months.

Proof of Funds

A valid bank statement is required to show that you have enough money in your account to support yourself and your family while you wait for the Canadian government to process your application. The funds must be available in the bank account for at least three months after submitting your work permit application. The amount required varies depending on the number of dependents, but it’s usually between $10,000 and $15,000. If this is more than you have saved up, other sources such as investments can also be used.

Settlement Plan:

If you’re applying as an entrepreneur or investor (other than an entrepreneur), a Settlement Plan will help prove that there is enough business activity going on to justify allowing someone from outside Canada into the country under these particular circumstances. A settlement plan should include information about who will be responsible for managing all financial aspects of running the business or investment—including taxes owed—and how much time needs to pass before any profit sharing takes place with investors (if applicable). An experienced Canada work permit consultant in Dubai can assist you in developing your settlement plan according to the visa requirements.

Canada Express Entry Program

Canada’s Express Entry program is the easiest and most accessible way for foreign workers to get a Canadian work permit. If you’re eligible for this program, you can apply for a work permit under the following categories:


  • Skilled Worker (C) – This is for people with skills in demand in Canada. You’ll have to prove your language ability, education, and experience are at or above Canadian standards. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you have enough money to support yourself while applying for your visa and working in Canada.


  • Business Investor (I) – This is a great option if you’ve got money to invest in Canada. It’ll be even better if your investment creates jobs or helps grow the economy!


  • Entrepreneur (E) – If you’ve got an idea for starting a business in Canada, this categoryhelp make that happen faster than ever before.





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