All You Need to Know about the HCG Test

Pregnancy is determined through an HCG test that detects Human Chorionic Gonadotropin found in a woman’s bloodstream during pregnancy. It can either be done through a blood or urine test, and a woman may go for a home test kit or can go with the HCG blood test. 

Overview of HCG Blood Test

An hCG test checks the exact level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in the urine or blood. The placenta forms hCG during pregnancy to indicate pregnancy. Besides, the hCG test also checks for any defect in the fetus. Furthermore, the test detects any sign of cervical cancer or cancer inside the uterus and detects abnormal pregnancy or tests/hcg-testmiscarriage. 

An elevated hCG level shows pregnancy, while a low level shows no sign of pregnancy. Blood tests are usually preferred for an exact test result. 

HCG Hormone:- Definition 

The placenta produces a hormone called HCG, and a woman with an elevated level of hCG indicates pregnancy. Moreover, it also measures whether it’s a healthy pregnancy or not. 

A low level of hCG generally refers to pregnancy risk, which can signify ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Increasing hCG in the blood can be a severe indication of molar pregnancy that may lead to uterine tumors. Hence, the hCG test is an essential part of pregnancy tests that a woman must consider to determine her health during pregnancy. 

This write-up gives a brief on the hCG test and everything that you should know about the test. Let’s begin with the types of hCG tests. 

 Note:- Sometimes, the test report shows a false positive result which occurs when there is an increase in the level of hormones because of menopause. Some testicular or ovarian tumors may also fluctuate the hCG level in the blood.

Categories of hCG Tests:- 

There are two types of hCG tests one is qualitative, and the other is quantitative.

Qualitative HCG Test:- 

The qualitative HCG test checks the extreme level of HCG in the urine or blood. The report has a higher chance of showing a false-positive result due to menopause. 

Quantitative HCG Test:- 

The quantitative HCG test, also known as the Beta HCG test, measures the amount of the HCG hormone and informs about the age of the fetus. The hormone level increases in the first trimester and remains at its peak after 12 weeks of conception. A higher level of HCG also indicates twins or triplets. 

How to Prepare Yourself  Before the Test? 

Various factors can affect the result of the test, like drinking a lot of water. Hence, it is recommended to consult your doctor before taking any pregnancy test. 

Further, factors like a recent miscarriage, molar pregnancy, or some kind of drugs also fluctuate the level of hormones in the blood. These conditions cause increased hCG levels, while a low level of hCG is due to cancer, an endocrine disorder, or the presence of antibodies in the blood. 

Most women get to know about their pregnancy through an HCG test also confirms a healthy pregnancy. A blood test is often preferred as it is more accurate than a urine test. Besides, the doctor may also ask you about your previous pregnancy or other health-related questions before conducting the test. 

It may happen that a high level of hCG hormone indicates problems related to pregnancy, but it’s not always the scenario. Sometimes it may be because of other conditions, and it is better to take the help of your healthcare service provider to get more information. 

Summing up 

The blog highlights the purpose of taking an hCG test and determining your pregnancy health. HCG test price in Delhi depends upon the diagnostic center you choose. If you are looking for an hCG test, you must consider best diagnostic centre in India for excellent test results. Getting the test done by a reputed health center is essential to get the best health services and tests. 

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