Are all the weapons in Free Fire unique from those in other games?

Here is our review and guide to the top weapons in Free Fire for both new and experienced players. The best firearms in each of their respective categories will be examined for each of them. Let’s first take a quick look at the Free Fire arsenal. Be aware that we’ll be discussing weapons in general. Therefore, we won’t discuss the scopes, magazines, and other gun accessories.

Are all the weapons in Free Fire unique from those in other games?
When compared to its primary rivals, primarily PUBGM and RoS, Free Fire doesn’t differ significantly in terms of its arsenal. You can guarantee they will be just as effective in this game as they are in those two previous games. All three types of firearms—handguns, assault rifles, and shotguns—are effective in their respective fields. Your preference is important here.Every individual has different gun preferences. If you know how to use them properly, we think all of the weapons in the game are meta. Instead of offering professional-level gun efficiency, we’ll explain which is optimal for you. Some players favour full-auto, while others favour burst, and some gamers adore bolt-action. Additionally, some players might favour close quarters combat while others favour long range combat. Without further ado, let’s discuss each group of weapons.


With over seven sidearms, Free Fire has the most handguns in a battle royale game. The Treatment Gun, M500, M1873, USP45, G18, Desert Eagle, and Hand Cannon are a few examples. The G18 and USP, single-fire handguns that work well in early games, are the two most popular of the seven.

However, they are limited in what they can do to enemies, especially if they have armour. The Hand Cannon, Desert Eagle, and M500 are stronger options. These have low fire rates, but they deal a tonne of damage if they succeed in hitting an enemy. It’s a mixed bag with the M1873. It’s a fantastic CQC option, but it’s challenging to execute because the ADS does not correspond to the damage.

Furthermore, in order to deal significant damage, you must approach an enemy at point-blank range. A situational weapon that can harm adversaries and heal allies is a therapy gun. Due to its low damage, don’t even bother trying to use this on enemies.


In open-ended military simulation battle royale games, shotguns are never particularly effective. Only when you play Fortnite or Apex Legends is a shotgun really reliable. It’s only ok in the event of Free Fire. Furthermore, the SPAS12, M1014, and M1887 shotguns are the only ones available. The M1887’s pump-action single shots have a good range and equally good damage, increasing your chances of victory.

As is highly situational, if you can anticipate enemy movement and rings of Fire enclosing inside a house or building, SPAS12 and M1014 depend on the individual. And they are particularly potent when used inside of buildings. It’s preferable to use a G18 or USP in wide spaces.


The most challenging weapons in Free Fire are SMGs. Despite their diminutive size, they are fierce opponents, especially when they are near by. Their high fire rates allow for excellent enemy suppression while your teammates pursue a flank or can be a wise choice if you enjoy rushing your adversaries. CG15, P90, MP40, UMP45, MP5, VSS, and Thompson are the other six smgs.

The MP5, P90, and Thompson are your best options if you prefer a high rate of fire and can manage to regulate its recoil. The MP40, UMP45, and VSS are the better options if you like a little range with a slower fire rate. We advise staying away from the CG15 unless you have sufficient game expertise because you must charge it before damaging an enemy.


Beyond Free Fire, these are a requirement for every game. In any circumstance, they are highly adaptable and dependable. Additionally, it has the most options out of all the game’s weapon categories. Sincere to goodness, each of the 13 assault firearms has equal value. Here are some suggestions, though, for some quick digestion advice. Do you prefer low fire rates that have a great stopping power but sacrifice accuracy? The ideal options are the AN94, AK47, SCAR, and AUG.

How about a respectable fire rate and high accuracy? Nice options include the M4A1, Groza, XM8, and FAMAS. M14 and SKS are better options if single-fire rifles are more your style. The heatgun is a charged weapon that shoots rapidly after being pulled back on the trigger. To become used to this, you need some talent. The best thing about assault rifles is that they perform well in close-quarters, medium-range, and far-off combat. Everything simply depends on the scopes you acquire along the way.


In supply boxes, you can occasionally obtain machine guns as rare drops. Large ammunition and a slow reload speed are characteristics of the Gatling Gun, M249 SAW, and M60. Use this to flank the enemy and stifle their positions. They won’t quit their jobs, so trust us. But because they are all inaccurate, they are only useful for suppressive fire or close-quarters combat.


Since Free Fire uses a drop-shot system, which requires the bullet to move as you fire, sniper rifles demand the most skill in the game. You can pick between the SVD, KAR98K, AWM, and M82B sniper rifles. The only semi-auto sniper rifle in this group is the SVD, which also deals the least amount of damage. Finding the proper scope of at least 4X is necessary for KAR98K to be effective. One of the most potent weapons in the game is the AWM and M82B. The enemies are eliminated with just one effective headshot. The M82B is a supply drop-only weapon.


These are the more “novelty” weapons in the game, only useful under specific circumstances. With these, don’t anticipate getting many kills, but if you do, you will be a video game king. RGS50, MGL140, M79, Backrooms and Crossbow are the 4 of them. We would have to say that the RGS50 is the most efficient of the four if we had to pick one. It might not cause great damage to adversaries who are on foot, but it’s a fantastic counter to enemies who are in vehicles. If you aim at moving vehicles for a short while, it also latches on to them.

The MGL140 and M79 resemble LMGs quite a bit. They do have a substantial damage proc, but their accuracy is quite poor. Additionally, their shells explode after bouncing. Unless you can hit high-armor foes with them, bows in the game are a little unimpressive. A crossbow deals progressive damage, which no other weapon in the game can do, despite their lack of significant damage. When struck with a bow, they start to bleed gradually. That implies that until the bow wears off, armoured enemies will sustain health damage even while wearing full armour.


There are also several melee weaponry for the very adventurous players. It only depends on your taste because they are all equally destructive. There is a katana for you, weebs. Hardworking players can get a bat. There is a machete waiting for savages. And a cooking pan works great for the unconventional person. An added benefit for pan users is that it can deflect enemy projectiles if it is equipped on the back of your character.

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