5 Best business school in Europe for International students

It is a significant choice to choose where you will pursue your master’s degree in business administration (MBA degree), and it is much more so if you will be moving overseas during the coronavirus outbreak. Here you will get the list of business school for MBA.

The current climate may make studying abroad more challenging than in the past, but it is certainly not impossible. The location of your academic pursuits, however, might be subject to change. Candidates are increasingly exploring outside of the US for their MBA since European MBA programs cost an average of $95,000 less than those in the United States when it comes to the entire cost, and visa regulations in many European nations are more welcoming to international students.

List of the best European colleges

Rotterdam School of Management, The Netherlands

Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands, and it is home to a sizable population of people from other countries as well as a significant number of global corporations. This global atmosphere continues to Rotterdam School of Management, where 99% of students enrolled in the MBA program are international. These students come from over 40 different countries, with just 7% of them being from Western Europe. This institution has the potential to be the finest business school in the world for students from other countries because of Rotterdam’s large expatriate population and extensive worldwide business linkages.

IMD Business School, Switzerland

IMD Business School Switzerland consistently ranks in the top rankings for ex-pat cities, with foreign residents in the country complimenting the country’s quality of life, healthcare, and public transportation. IMD Business School Switzerland is located in Switzerland. Even though there are only 90 students enrolled in the MBA program at IMD Business School, students come from a total of 40 different countries. IMD also has a strong reputation in terms of its international faculty; in fact, 98% of the school’s teaching staff comes from countries other than Switzerland. You can choose MBA specializations as well.

ESSEC Business School, France

Even though it is situated in the somewhat unremarkable town of Cergy, which is situated close to Paris, ESSEC Business School is able to provide a genuinely international environment due to the fact that an astounding 98% of its MBA students come from other countries. MBA students also have the option to divide their time on the program between the school’s campuses in Europe and Asia, with a portion of their time spent on the Asia campus in Singapore. This provides an additional opportunity to get an international perspective while pursuing an MBA.

HEC Paris, France

There are 260 students enrolled in the MBA program at HEC Paris, and they hail from 60 different countries. The business school hosts specialized Cultural Weeks that provide students the opportunity to have a first-hand understanding of the variety that exists inside the MBA program. In addition, there is seventy percent of the teachers at the institution come from other countries, and the Higher Education Commission is ranked in the top 15 educational institutions all over the globe in terms of how internationally focused their courses are. More than half of MBA candidates ultimately end up working outside of their native country after graduation.

Edinburgh’s School of Business, United Kingdom

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom is Edinburgh. The University of Edinburgh Business School, which offers an MBA program, has students from 96 different countries enrolling in it, which is another reflection of the city’s variety. Students searching for even more of a global experience may take advantage of the Full-time MBA with International Exchange, which takes students to one of the school’s nine partners for up to three months at a time. Almost 70 percent of the instructors at the school come from other countries.

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INSEAD, France

INSEAD and the University of Edinburgh both have a similar number of students from other countries enrolled in their MBA programs. INSEAD’s MBA program is offered at campuses in both France and Singapore. INSEAD has a higher percentage of foreign students than any of the other schools on our list, which helps them earn the number two spot overall. This is in part because MBA students have access to a campus rotation program.

Final Thoughts

There is no question that many of the best colleges in the world are located in Europe. The formation of robust international academic communities has been aided by the establishment of cross-border partnerships. Studying business in Europe will provide you with a wide range of transferable abilities that are highly valued in the industry, from theoretical understanding to hands-on experience. Europe is home to some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious educational institutions.

As a result, you may anticipate receiving an education of the highest caliber and having enough opportunity for research across Europe. These educational institutions provide students with a wide variety of scholastic paths and areas of concentration to pursue. The majority of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions may be found in European countries.

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