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With the rise of the fashion industry in Pakistan, the demand for makeup has also increased. All girls want to be beautiful and beautiful. And every girl wants to look like a barbie doll on her wedding day. Due to the increasing demand, there are various stone quarries in Pakistan. Now comes the question of how to choose the best makeup. Here we share a list of the best makeup artists according to their skills and experience.

You can find a list of the best makeup in Pakistan here

  • Nabila
  • Kashif Aslam (kashee artist).
  • Wajid Khan
  • Mussarat Misbah
  • Annie Mansur
  • Natasha Khalid:
  • Akif Ilyas
  • Madeeha
  • Maryam Khawaja


Nabila is an internationally renowned and award-winning stylist, NABILA has pioneered luxury salons in three major cities of Pakistan. Hairstyle, makeup, and styling are the main services offered by her salon. Nabila is among the nominees for the Luxe Style Awards in the beauty category. Many leading designers want to wear clothes for fashion shows.

Kashif Aslam (kashee artist)

Kashif Aslam is the most famous male makeup artist in Pakistan. He runs a private salon called Kashee’s Beauty Salon in Karachi. Now the singer is famous for his unique music. His generosity and craftsmanship are commendable. Kashif bridal makeup and beautiful hair are very amazing and beautiful. Kashif achieved great success in a short period of time and became the biggest production artist in Pakistan. She designs her own wedding dresses and sews them by hand. He introduced new ideas in mehndi, hair and makeup.

Wajid Khan

Wajid is a well-known makeup artist in Pakistan. Pakistani models and actors have always admired her looks. He has been working in this field for 10 years and has achieved success in his career. He is a fashion designer and has appeared in several fashion magazines. He mainly works in the television industry and is a model herself. If you are looking for the right beauty to prepare you for your special day, you can call them as they always have bridal beauty.

Mussarat Misbah

Mussarat Misbah is a leading beauty artist in Pakistan. It has the famous Depilex Salon. The leading beautician started his business in Islamabad in 1980. It has around 30 branches in different cities of Pakistan, UAE and USA. Their beauty business includes party and wedding makeup, body, hair and face care.

Annie Mansur

Annie is also one of the best beauticians in Pakistan who has magic in her hands. She is a famous Pakistani beauty who owns a beautiful salon called Ale’ Nora Beauty Salon. She has 25 years of experience. The client appreciates his work. He has worked with models and actors like Mishi Khan, Nadia Hussein, Hina Bayat, Fauzia Imam and others. In their unique form, they give the bride an Arabian look. His creations are in line with the latest fashion and trends.

Natasha Khalid:

She is one of the top beauticians in Pakistan, she is from Karachi. He is also the first choice of Pakistani model and actress. Natasha runs her own beauty salon in Karachi. He has a rare ability to make beautiful faces. Everyone likes makeup, so they use it quickly.

Akif Ilyas

Akif Ilyas is one of the most popular makeup artists in Pakistan. He is one of the leading makeup artists in the makeup industry. He started his career as a designer in the 1990s and grew in popularity over the years. He has also done photography for various brands in Pakistan. Everyone always respects his character. He lives in Karachi.


Madeeha is one of the top-rated beauticians who has been running her own salon in Lahore, Pakistan since 1995. She specializes in bridal makeup and all her beauty salon work. All the women of Lahore appreciated his work and gave him admiration and other artists. We offer holiday makeup, hair, bridal makeup, mehndi and many other facial and hair treatments.

Maryam Khawaja

She is one of the Best makeup artist in Pakistan. She has a special magic in his hands. In 2008, he opened his own Winery. Within a few years he became famous. They offer the best salon services, including bridal makeup, bridal makeup, and hair styling.

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