Business Guide on Creating Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in India

In India, electric cars are the next big thing. The country is struggling to cope with the ever-increasing challenges of pollution and rising gasoline prices. Thus, there is a growing desire among the public to switch to electric vehicles. However, the high initial setup cost is typical of many developing technologies. The initial expenditure for an electric vehicle is significant, but the long-term returns are satisfactory. Envision a world where you never have to worry about running out of gas or spending a fortune on fuel to keep your automobile going.

The lack of an adequate charging infrastructure is another problem that will need to be solved in the future of EVs. Companies are installing charging stations in parking lots to encourage more people to buy electric vehicles. If you start the installation the right way, though, you could have a prosperous business. The time is right, as interest in electric vehicles (EVs) has just increased in India and competition is low. Based on application, the Indian EV charging infrastructure market may be broken down into three distinct submarkets: residential, industrial, and public. AC charging can also be done at home.

Approach Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

The proper first step is to secure authorization from relevant authorities to install a charger. It is important to highlight that no special permission or license is required for an individual to install an EV charging station anywhere in the country. By “permission,” we mean anything from zoning permits to permission from the local power ministry to operate in the area you’ve chosen. After doing so, you should team up with an EV firm, which already possesses these information and expertise. It has all the information you might possibly need regarding the neighborhood, permits, fees, regulations, security, etc.

Verification of Installation Location

· Location of Installation (Private and Business)

The Indian government has made it clear that EV charging stations may be installed anywhere inside the country at the discretion of their citizens. It has been pointed out, however, that electric vehicle manufacturers might not care about home installations. Many people in large communities are considering making the switch to electric vehicles; therefore it could be a good idea if the residential society approaches the EV firms together to build a charger in some common space for the benefit of its residents. Electric vehicle firms benefit more from setting up shop in commercial areas with higher foot traffic because of the increased opportunities for branding, advertising, and revenue sharing.

· How Far It Is From the Highway

Before beginning installation, make sure you measure the whole distance from the nearest major road. Conveniently located areas are favored.

· Ample Parking

The location where you intend to put the charger must have sufficient parking for the intended number of vehicles. Make sure there’s enough room for a charging station on the electric panel in your parking spot, too.

· Electrical connenctivity

Make sure you can meet the power and connection needs of the EV charging stations. Extensive charging, for instance, requires the following: 5kW or more, 3 Phase.

· Earthing

Safety measures and safeguards should always be taken into account, and earthing is a key component in this regard. Make sure earthing is an option.

Proper Agreement

In order to avoid any confusion down the line, the parties concerned should establish clear guidelines for installation and revenue distribution. If you are not satisfied with any part of the agreement, please bring it up for discussion after carefully reading the terms and conditions.


Don’t forget to run a test when you’ve finished setting everything up! You may learn more about chargers and how they work in this way. Be sure to test the car’s battery charger. Once the battery is fully charged, take the car for a spin and make some notes.

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