Buy Gift Cards with Bit coin

As you know, it is still difficult to withdraw and use Bit coins and other virtual currencies for regular purchases and wants. Most online and retail companies do not accept crypto as a commission. But there is a smart workaround that is easy and safe. The trick is to use existing playing cards or coupons. Buy logo gift cards or use Bit coin or other crypto (such as Dash ) to save.

Yes, it is perfectly possible to buy gift cards with Bit coin. This post explains how to buy gift cards with BTC and other crypto currencies. We can also briefly explain how the card draws on gift cards and all the benefits of buying gift cards with crypto. I will introduce some. For example, you can find ways to use Bit coin to buy electronics on Media Market, buy regular wishes on Amazon, or buy shoes on Foot Locker or Zealand  Or how to use encryption with Google Play, iTunes, Steam, or Netflix to name a few.

About Gift Cards

Gift cards are commonly referred to as vouchers or gift certificates. It is a pay-as-you-go cash card issued by a logo or a store. Gift cards are basically a way to collect coins for purchases at selected stores. For example, if you have a $100 Amazon gift card, instead of paying with your credit card or PayPal, you can redeem your gift card and get up to $100 of really good stuff out of your Amazon savings account. You can buy it.

Gift Playing Cards are instantly redeemable online (store website) and/or in-store. This depends on the type of business and business policy. Gift game cards used online are usually based entirely on a numeric code system. So when you buy a redeemable gift card online, you’re buying a numeric code (commonly called a PIN code). Enter this PIN code into the store’s e-trade website to redeem the associated credit score.

Gift playing cards for use with body armor in the store may contain barcodes.

Once you have purchased the code, you can usually print the barcode or keep a copy of it for your Telecell smart v phone and present it at checkout at checkout.

Gift Card Bounty.

Reasons to Buy Gift Cards with Bit coin

Bit coin has a very low recognition in online and offline stores. None of the largest online stores accept Bit coin. For example, Amazon doesn’t accept Bit coin, nor does Apple, Google, Spotify, or Netflix. You can’t go to Walmart or Best Buy and pay with Bit coin. So the main advantage of buying real playing cards with bit coin is that despite the fact that stores and businesses do not accept bit coin, they can use bit coin to buy real playing cards instead. Current Trump basically lets you search for any service or product you can think of using Bit coin.

 the current playing cards have long expiry dates, some are valid for weeks, and others are valid for more than a year. If you’re worried about Bit coin and crypto currency volatility these days, you may need to look for a gift card. Why? $100 on Amazon today is worth $100 on Amazon tomorrow.



Many Bit coin and crypto currency “fans” are concerned about privacy. The main advantage is therefore that existing playing cards are not dealt within the buyer’s call. Simply put, this means that existing playing cards and coupons are anonymous.
Finally, as the call suggests, they can be used for personal purchases or given as gifts. how cool is that? You can use Bit coin to make gifts that your friends and loved ones will appreciate.

How to Buy a Gift Card with Bit coin

Buying gift cards with Bit coin (or any other crypto currency) is stable and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Go to Crypto Refills

Click here or type into your computer or mobile browser
You can also download the Crypto Refills app (Android only).

Please Select US
Select US to see product classes available in that region.

Select the category ‘Gift Card Vouchers’ and select a logo.

Simply select the logo you want to save. Amazon or Walmart. Next, you’ll see programs that may work with this product. Please click the quantity you want to purchase.

Select Foreign Currency and Fixed Amount

Select a crypto currency to pay for your purchase. For example Bitcoin and Lite coin. Next, test whether the correct package deal is selected.

Insert Email and Accept Terms of Use Select the check box to insert

Email and accept Terms of Use only. Click Next rate. (Check your PIN and make sure your email address is correct so we can contact you if there’s a problem).

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