CEDARFX Review 2022: Best Forex Brokers for Beginners

It is also one of the best forex brokers for beginners, CedarFX. The MT4 Web and Mobile forex trading top platforms are available from Cedar FX. CedarFX.com offers more than 50 forex currency pairs, commodities, equities, indices, futures, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies for your investment and trading needs. 

Fees & Account Minimums for CedarFX

Every forex trader is conscious of how rapidly commissions and account fees can reduce your investment returns. You can choose between two account kinds at CedarFX that will affect the cost of each trade:

An account with 0% commission. 0% Commission Accounts, as the name implies, don’t charge commissions on your trades or deposits. After making a deposit, you have immediate access to your money and can start trading. 

Additionally, CedarFX doesn’t charge any costs for account maintenance.

Account Eco. With CedarFX new Eco Account, you have a unique opportunity to help the environment while achieving your financial objectives. All your trades are subject to a $1 commission, but CedarFX will donate $1 for every trade commission paid to Ecology. This charity works to offset businesses’ carbon footprints by planting new trees. With the assistance of Eco Accounts owners, CedarFX has produced more than 111,000 trees.

As you can see, neither account has any fees, and if you choose an Eco Account, trading will automatically donate to it. Through Ecology, $1 in commissions can be used to plant five trees.

You can open an Eco Account and a 0% Commission Account if you would like.

Although CedarFX doesn’t have a set minimum that you must maintain in your trading account, the broker has different minimum deposit requirements. When using Bitcoin to fund your account, the minimum deposit is $10, whereas the minimum deposit for all other payment methods is $50.

Minimum Position $10

0.01 lot

Spread Variable


Expert Counselors


Day-to-day interest rates (swaps)

current orders

a platform built on a browser

Automated trading

Instruments Traded

Along with a large selection of currency pairs, CedarFX also provides a variety of instruments you can choose from, including Forex, Gold, Silver, CFDs, Oil, Stocks, Indices, Metals, and Cryptocurrencies.

In this situation, you must ensure that your plan complements the selected instrument well.

Payment Methods

Bitcoin: Due to its low cost and short transaction time, Bitcoin is a reliable payment mechanism. Since Bitcoin’s popularity has increased, brokers have considered it one of their funding options. Traders can easily access trading accounts with digital wallets. The most often utilized payment method is a wire transfer

This strategy is offered on almost every broker’s service in the rest of the world. The rationale is that wire transfers between banks worldwide are essentially traditional transfers. So, the safety of this procedure is guaranteed. Traders who avoid third-party payments or don’t use credit cards will benefit significantly from this.

Credit/debit cards are another payment option offered by CedarFX.

Trading Platforms

A trading platform is a tool that allows you to purchase or sell an instrument anytime, anywhere, and with only a few clicks on your device. Additionally, a price chart typically comes with a few analytical tools and forex trading apps to aid in your analysis of price movement and to assist you in placing well-thought-out trades that will boost your profitability.

Quick Registration Process

On Cedar FX, registering for an account is free and simple. The first-time users must enter their name, email address, and secure password. Another choice is to register for the broker with only one click using a functioning Google or Facebook account. You must click the verification link in your inbox in order to finish the registration process. In addition, you must include a phone number.

Excellent user interface

The MT4 platform downloaded free from the Cedar FX website, is used for all trading. New users won’t get unwanted messages from the support staff when they first sign up. Instead, they will have access to a specialized customer service team who can help with any interface-related problems. The user interface achieves a balance between being thorough and clutter-free.

Customer Service

This broker provides customer service around the clock. Additionally, live chat and email help are available.


An excellent substitute for current online brokers is Cedar FX. Over 170 assets are available to users. For both novice and seasoned traders, it offers a transparent, user-friendly, and secure forex trading apps.

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