Color Therapy: Role Of Planets And Benefits To Bring Positivity In Life

Are you seeking emotional, physical, and spiritual growth and well-being? Do you know that color therapy in astrology helps in achieving this aim? All the colors have distinguished vibrational frequencies and energetic properties. Since ancient times, the Best Astrologer in Edmonton has suggested various colors to manifest healing and positivity in life. They also recommend wearing certain colors. It helps in addressing the problems in several spheres of life. Each color is related to the energy center in the body. Thus, now, in this post, let us begin to provide information about the role of planets in color therapy. And how it helps bring positivity and equilibrium in life. Please stay connected on the page to get this crucial information.


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Role of Planets in Color Therapy


Each celestial body has its connection with a specific color. Please go through below to get to know about the role every planet plays in color therapy:


  1. Sun: The Best Astrologer in Hamilton recommends that the Sun has its association with the color gold (as per Astrology). It helps in governing and boosting personal power and self-confidence. It also improves and promotes success, expansion, and vitality.


  1. Moon: Moon is associated with the color white or silver. It showcases emotional balance, nurturing, spiritual enlightenment, and awakening.


  1. Mars: Mars has its connection with the red color that promotes and boosts strength, courage, stability, and passion.


  1. Mercury: Mercury is associated with the green color. It depicts communication, learning, networking, and growth.


  1. Jupiter: Jupiter is associated with the color Yellow, and it helps promote expansion, optimism, and prosperity.


  1. Venus: The Best Astrologer in Brampton says that the planet Venus has its connection with the color white or pink (as per Astrology). It helps promote and boost compassion, love, beauty, and passion.


  1. Saturn: Saturn is associated with the color Black, which helps improve and boost discipline and stability.


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Color Therapy: Advantages to Bring Positivity and Healing in Life 


Color therapy helps in bringing and adding harmony and healing to life. Following are the benefits that may be detailed below:


  1. Boosts Emotional Well-Being: Colors help bring emotional well-being and uplift and improve mood. Color therapy also helps in balancing our emotional condition. For example, yellow brings optimism and joy and helps boost and uplift our moods and spirits. One may connect with Best Astrologer in Edmonton to gain more insight.


  1. Promotes Creativity and Efficiency: Certain colors boost creativity, efficiency, and productivity. For example, the color Orange is associated with creativity. It helps get over the creative blocks.


  1. Improved Connections: Color therapy helps in improving unions and relationships. For example, pink has its connection with passion, romance, and love. Hence, it supports bringing harmony and equilibrium to love life.


  1. Promotes Spiritual Growth: As mentioned earlier, each color is connected with a specific energy frequency and vibrations. Thus, spiritual growth and development may be achieved with the help of wearing certain colors. For example, white is connected with purity and helps achieve spiritual goals.


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Color Therapy has many advantages in life. Connecting with the Best Astrologer in Brampton to understand more is always valuable. Each day in the week is also associated with certain colors. For example, wearing yellow on Thursday is considered good and auspicious. So, connect with Vishnu Dev Ji and work toward your healing and well-being with the help of color therapy. He suggests astrological ways and remedies. It helps bring improvement and positivity to your relationships. He has also motivated various individuals to live an inspiring and fulfilling life. So, please book an appointment with him and add to your overall growth and wellness.

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