Complete Study Guide to MD 100 Certification

Microsoft provides multiple certification opportunities for people who want to upgrade their skills and expertise for IT job roles. Microsoft MD 100 course aims at validating certain technical skills like management of apps, policies, identity, updates, and access. Administrators need to design and implement the strategy of a device to meet the business requirements. Therefore, earning this certification and proving your competitiveness among your peers is crucial.

However, to qualify for the Microsoft MD 100 examination, candidates need to have a strong hold on all the topics covered in the syllabus. To help candidates through their preparation process, this blog provides an efficient strategy to increase your chances of qualifying for this exam.

What are MD 100 Microsoft Certifications?

Microsoft 365 certification program (MDAA) consists of two exams, one of which is MD 100. It is designed to test the candidate’s ability to deploy, install, and manage windows at the beginner level. This is because MDAA is an associate-level program and its primary focus is to enable people to perform junior administrative tasks. 

What are the MD-100 Exam’s Prerequisites?

MD-100 is a beginner-level exam which has no prerequisites. However, participants must have basic knowledge and understanding of Microsoft 365 workloads. In addition, proficiency and experience in deployment, configuration, and maintenance of non-windows and windows ten devices offer an added benefit to cracking this exam.

Study Guide for MD-100

To score good marks in the MD-100 exam, it is vital you follow an effective preparation guide to cover all the topics and strengthen your foundation. Here is a step-by-step guide to qualify this exam on your first attempt:

1. Visit the official website

The primary step you need to follow is visiting the official website to understand the course domains and objectives of the exam. Thorough knowledge of all the domains will enable you to focus your preparation around those topics, so you secure a good score in the exam.

The critical objectives of MD 100 Microsoft certification courses are: 

  • Deployment of windows, including installation and performance configuration of Windows 10.
  • Management of devices and data.
  • Configuration of storage and connectivity.
  • Manage updates, recover data, configure the system, and monitor Windows.

2. Refer to books 

Preparing through books not only helps you understand the fundamentals of all the topics but also provides you with multiple questions to improve your practice. However, there are multiple books available for MD 100 preparation. To increase your chances of success, finding a legitimate book and practising it is crucial.

3. Prepare a study plan

After knowing all the topics you need to cover, you must prepare a plan that helps you understand each topic within a time frame. For this, it is important to calculate all the time you have for preparation and divide this time according to the weightage of every topic so you have a better chance to score good marks.

4. Microsoft certification training classes

Microsoft offers training courses to help candidates learn necessary tools and provide study resources, which prove helpful for exam preparations. Moreover, these Microsoft online courses offer hands-on training in two types of classes:

  • Instructor-led live online classes.
  • Prerecorded video lecture classes.

5. Take practice tests

MD 100 is a time-bound exam. To achieve a good score in this exam, participants need to work on their speed and accuracy to give the correct answer to the maximum number of questions. Therefore, it is crucial to follow an extensive practice habit to improve your problem-solving skills. In addition, it also helps to find out your weak areas and pay special attention to strengthening them.

6. Join community groups of participants

There are many study groups and online forums where participants discuss their preparation strategies and offer help to each other. Joining these community groups can help you clarify doubts relating to a particular topic of the syllabus. In addition, the participants keep updating all the upcoming events and important dates relating to the MD 100 exam.


MD 100 certified professionals have a great scope to work in a multinational company. Moreover, it validates the administrative skills of an employee, which is helpful in getting a promotion. Therefore, if you are planning to get this certification either to make a career shift or to gain recognition, you must follow all the preparation tips mentioned in this blog to get an excellent score on your first attempt.

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