Cool styling all day with women’s board shorts

For the beach and pool, there is no better clothing item than women’s boardshorts. I’ve found that women’s boardshorts are comfortable and stylish. They can be worn almost anywhere and always look good. Board shorts have come a long way and allow women to exercise on land or in the water owing to their quick drying fabric, which makes them perfect for any venue or outfit scenario.

They offer versatile styling and comfort by ranging from loose crop tops with wide-leg bottoms to slim-fit styles with shorter waist sizes. 

A big reason for wearing women’s boardshorts is because of their versatility; they are so chic and cool, it’s hard not to admire the way they make you look and feel. And why not? They’re easy to walk around in, on the beach with no fear of sand getting in them or awkward messes appearing. Nowadays, you can find any pair of swim suit bottoms with an adjustable waistband. Board shorts can be paired with any bottom length from knee to ankle and the short length from the ankle all the way up through mid-thigh. 

In fact, you can wear them all day long at the beach and pool…no need for swimsuits unless you want to!

Women’s boardshorts are also great for workout routines because they offer an element of coverage that protects them from tan lines and other embarrassing distractions.

Basically, there are two types of board shorts; long and short board shorts with the main difference literally being their size. But things are not quite as simple. It can be a real challenge to pick board shorts that not only work for you but also help you sizzle on the beach with some cool styling tricks. 

So without further ado, let’s jump right into our blueprint of picking and styling board shorts for women whether you have long or short board shorts!

The Coolest Styling Tricks for Women’s Board Shorts

If you want to look good on the beach but don’t want to compromise too much on comfort, try these swimwear styles:

  • High Waisted Boardshort – These can be worn by both men and women and provide a lot of support. Most high-waist designs include elastic bands which make them easy to pull up and down without any struggle. They can be paired with solid-colored tops or printed tank tops.
  • Straight Pockets Boardshort – A simple option and a great choice if you want to stay cool and comfortable. The pockets offer some extra space so you won’t feel cramped when it comes to keeping things safe. And since there are no zippers involved, you will find this design easier to get into. Some people like it because it allows them to go out to the pool and do water activities comfortably. Others love the fact that the straight cut makes them look sportier. To add an edge to the look, you can try wearing this style with a striped t-shirt.
  • Strapped Pockets Boardshort – This popular trend is gaining popularity again and has been spotted at events such as fashion shows and music festivals. It gives you the comfort of a strappy bottom along with a bit of extra room in the pocket section.
  • Hip Length Boardshort – If you are thinking of trying something new, here is where you can start! Hip length offers maximum freedom and doesn’t bind your legs, unlike other options. 

There are many types of board shorts from which you can pick. You can decide between solid colors or something with more flair like floral patterns and prints.

Creative Looks Using Board Shorts for Women

We know that when it comes to fashion guides, examples go a long way. Below you can find some of the hottest looks you can create using board shorts for women.

  1. Style them with a bikini top for the beach or pool. This is the easiest way to go about styling board shorts with tops. The look is great for day wear or for heading out on the town; it’s also pretty safe – you can easily enhance it by bringing out the straps of a frilly top and adding a double-chain necklace. If you’re going to be wearing your top in public anyway, why not show off your trim figure?
  2. Pair them with a t-shirt and denim jacket at home. You’ve got a lot of choices if you’re going to dress them up. You can emphasize the shorts’ color or print by pulling out the straps and adding a colorful scarf or a wrap-around bracelet. These are great looks for casual days when you want to wear something that is more than just board shorts and a t-shirt, but when it’s warm enough to go without a jacket, you don’t want anything too hot or heavy. 
  3. Pair them with a camisole top for dressing up on the beach. It couldn’t be easier! Pair a short board short with a camisole top, add your sunglasses and sandals, and voila!

Don’t forget to add your sunscreen for sun protection!

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