Paperboard material is typical but thicker in size than regular paper

The packaging industry plays a very vital role in the brand identification of all industries. This is the era of development, and every industry is developing itself according to the requirement of the market and customer needs. The advancement of technology provides more opportunities to all industries around the world. That they can find more marketplaces for their products. In this era of development and advancement, corrugated boxes help all industries to explore these new markets.


Now industries are delivering their products

across borders and regions with ease. Packaging industry plays a big role in today product market. Because when they start shipping their products to other countries. They are facing the problem of product damage due to extreme pressure conditions of the shipping process. At that time, the introduction of corrugated cardboard boxes provided them with an economical solution for delivering their products safely because no one wanted a damaged product at their doorstep.


It’s not only disturbing the clients of that particular

The company but also damaging the image of that particular brand. So to overcome this problem, these companies started using corrugated cardboard shipping boxes USA  market and in other markets to protect their product. Viveprinting deals in all kinds of corrugated cardboard shipping boxes USA clients at reasonable rates. Many materials are being used nowadays for the packaging of products. Some of them are mentioned below.

Paperboard Box Material:

Paperboard material is typical but thicker in size than regular paper. The material has excellent attributes which are not offered by any other packaging material. These boxes can support all kinds of printing techniques on it. It has certain foldability and rigidity qualities that are not present in any other material in such a combination. Paperboard material boxes cover less space at the time of storage as well. Boxes made of paperboard material are not recommended for the shipping processes like corrugated boxes.

Corrugated Box Material:


This material is one of the most popular types among all kinds of materials that are being used in nowadays packaging. Corrugated boxes for packaging are everywhere in the market. Corrugated mailer boxes are one of the most in-demand corrugated boxes used by the e-commerce industry for packaging their products for the shipment process. These boxes are very much durable for every kind of product and shipping process. They have excellent resilient properties that make them one of a kind for product shipping.


Rigid Box Material:

These boxes are made with the help of overlaid layers of strong paperboard materials. The material has a great tendency for product protection, like corrugated boxes. They also give a luxury packing look to your products packed inside them because of material formation. The printing of rigid material boxes is not like all other material boxes. These boxes are wrapped with printing sheets for branding and marketing purposes. Viveprinting deals in box packaging material, and we have in-house facilities for many packaging materials.

Designing of Boxes:

Box design plays a vital role in the success of the product packed inside them. The designing of boxes is not only limited to the exterior of the box, but it also includes interior box design. The exterior design of corrugated boxes and all other boxes attracts the audience in the marketplace. But the interior design of corrugated mailer boxes enhances your customers’ unboxing experience and protects the product packed inside it. That’s why make sure that the design of your packaging boxes always has the potential to attract new customers. This way you can make your place in the share market. Viveprinting has a team of expert designers who will help its clients to develop strong interior and exterior designs of corrugated cardboard boxes for their product boxes.

Printing of Boxes:

Having good packaging is always a good idea because it compliments the packaging. That’s why to choose the best printing and packaging manufacturers, like Viveprinting, to print corrugated boxes for your product. Viveprinting has the latest printing machines to provide its clients with the best finished corrugated mailer boxes and all other types of packaging boxes at reasonable rates.

Importance of packaging boxes for safe shipping of products:

The corrugated boxes have the best feature that they can be used for any kind of shipment due to their durable properties. Because the material that is used in the manufacturing of these boxes tend to resist extreme shipping and transportation process. Many companies are manufacturing sensitive products that require extra protection during the shipping process than any other product. So, in that case, the importance of corrugated cardboard boxes increased. Because these boxes’ strengths can be adjusted according to the nature of the product by changing its manufacturing formation. Three different kinds of corrugated material formation use different quantity layers of materials according to the requirement of the product. So these boxes can safely transport the most sensitive products from one place to another.

Types of Boxes:

All of the packaging boxes types that are being used in the industry are made according to the need of the product. They are made customized and have a design that is dissimilar to each other. Corrugated boxes are used for packaging sensitive products that have to be transported from one place to another. Same like that, some materials are used for perfect printing as well for the manufacturing of these boxes. Viveprinting deals in all types of corrugated cardboard shipping boxes USA and all other boxes. Some of these boxes are mentioned below.

Display Boxes:

Display boxes are among the most popular type of packaging in the market because in this consumers can see the actual product without ripping the packaging. These boxes display your product more elegantly and attractively to your clients in the marketplace. All of these display boxes materials are chosen according to the product weight and shape. But mainly corrugated boxes are used for the display of these boxes. So the product display on these boxes remains safe as well.

Tuck Boxes:

Tuck boxes are one of the oldest classic product packaging types with a unique packaging structure. These boxes can pack all kinds and sizes of products due to their flexible style and box shapes. Tuck corrugated boxes are used for the packaging of sensitive products.

Sleeve Boxes:

Sleeve boxes have versatile box designs and styles. Because these boxes consist of two parts, it has a packaging box that is corrugated boxes and provides complete protection to the products packed inside them. The other part, called the sleeve, is opened from both ends and covers the box. The inner box can also be manufactured with rigid material. The sleeve of these boxes does all the marketing work for the product packed inside these boxes. So these boxes are the perfect example of proper product marketing and safety.

Window Boxes:

Corrugated boxes with windows are very much in demand these days. Because these boxes provide the required safety to the products packed inside them and, along with that, help the companies to build a relationship of trust between the companies and the clients. The best thing about window boxes is that they are highly customizable and can be used in different types of industries. Coming to this topic means that all industries covering every niche can use it for their star products. That will provide the display of the product packed inside these boxes. This feature gave the confidence to client that he was buying the right thing before unboxing the product. Viveprinting deals in all kinds of window corrugated cardboard boxes according to the requirements of its clients.

Mailer Boxes:

The e-commerce industry uses corrugated mailer boxes for the shipment of small-size fragile products. These corrugated boxes help them keep these products safe during shipment and transportation. Mailer boxes are mostly used to maintain the integrity of the product during shipment and delivery. That means you have to be careful about your choice for such tasks.

Gable Boxes:

Gable corrugated boxes have a unique design and style that attract new customers. Along with that, these boxes keep your product safe and in shape. Food packaging is one of the biggest industries where these boxes are being used currently. Corrugated boxes keep these products safe from moisture due to their unique qualities. These boxes are easy to carry because of the handle in their design.

Pillow Boxes:

Pillow boxes are used for the packaging of gifts. Because these boxes have a unique shape and a more luxurious look than all other packaging boxes, people mostly use them to pack their gifts. Corrugated boxes in the auto lock boxes category are used to pack the fragile nature of products.


We at Viveprinting deal in all kinds of corrugated cardboard shipping boxes USA and all other types of boxes at reasonable rates. So if you want a product packaging solution, we are here to help you. If you guys have any queries regarding the material of the packaging and its type just contact us. We are here for you.


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