Creating a Florist Website: Things You Need To Know

Everyone loves a sweet bouquet of flowers- or at least most people do. Considering that flowers remain a highly acceptable and popular means of greeting on special occasions, thanking and expressing affection, florist shops that have their own websites are the highest in demand in this sector. But how does one create an ideal florist website? Read on to know-

  • Colours should be easy on eyes– When picking the background colour and accents, be sure to use a colour that’s neutral, like beige, pastel green, baby pink, so that it doesn’t clash with the bright colours of the flowers. You want your website visitors focusing on the products, i.e. the flowers, not on the background. 
  • Brand logo placed strategically– There are many florist sites out there, so ensure that your brand name and logo stands out to the website viewer from the first time they visit. Keep the logo visible and prominent but not too large or in too many parts of the site.
  • Social media to boost hits– An important thing to remember is that social media is the key to getting maximum visits to your website, because if you don’t share your posts, photos and other content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the website will not gain much traction.
  • Have florist-related text and content– Carrying on from the previous point; ensure that your pictures and text content are closely related to flowers, florist terms and your product and service offerings. This will enhance the SEO for your website and will make sure your site comes up in more searches.
  • Fonts, design and picture size– Just like the background colour, keep the font size and style complementary so that everything looks stylish and put-together. If possible, get a professional photographer to come in and take good pictures of your product offerings and of the physical shop if you have one. Ensure that picture quality is good and that the size of the pictures is uniform to look, pleasant and tidy.
  • All necessary info present– The mark of any good e-commerce website, or even of a site showcasing a brand’s products, is that all relevant information can be found on it without searching too much. The site should have contact details; address of the shop if there is one, shipping and refund policy if it is e-retail, and so on. 
  • Mobile-friendly– it is necessary to remember that these days more people are viewing websites on their smartphones, due to convenience and a want for quick browsing. So you’ll want to ensure that your florist website is created with a mobile-friendly interface so that visitors on both smartphone and computer can access it easily. 

Web designing is super fun, but what if all of these factors are just boggling you? If you feel like you could do with some professional assistance, reach out to one of the most trusted Web Design Adelaide for an awesome and effective design solution. Hope your florist website takes off swiftly, amazingly and with a bang!

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