Creative Uses of Wallpaper Canada For Home Decor

Generally, Canadian wallpapers Order wallpaper Canada is made of Skopos Homes. The outer layer with the printed pattern is either made of vinyl, fabric, or paper base. Beneath this top layer is the adhesive part made of paper and glue. We need to remove both of these layers altogether to add new wallpaper to your home interior.

Creative Uses of Wallpaper in Any Room

Today’s wallpaper Canada is much more advanced than what was in your grandmother’s living room. Use these tactics and tips to transform wallpaper into a lovely accent in any room.

Living Room Decor

Leave all of the efforts to the walls. Paper hung on the wall instantly adds personality. Wallcoverings can make a design statement with the most ostentatious motif or the most understated texture. Here, a simple room is made interesting by a sunny yellow flower print.

Living room wallpaper

Stylish Display Space

Beautiful metallic wallpaper is the ideal complement to a polished exhibition area. On this bookshelf, silver candlesticks, elegant vases, and intricate picture frames sparkle against a pink-and-silver flower pattern.
Display space

Heating Up

A few feet of wallpaper can emphasize a fireplace. The pattern repeat is the vertical distance between each pattern’s center and its counterpart. The size of large pattern repeats is greater than 6 inches. Making the fireplace the room’s focal point with a wide repeat of a whimsical pattern is a terrific idea for this project.
tan living room

Frame It

For a significant impact, you don’t need to cover the entire wall. By cutting off 12 squares of wallpaper in four different patterns and framing them, you may make your own wall art. For quick, eye-catching art, hang them on the wall in a rectangular shape.
Wallpaper art

Panel Possibilities

Forgo ceiling-to-floor installation and instead treat individual lengths of wallpaper as decorative panels on the wall, framing them with painted moldings. Here, a bold black-and-white pattern in a home office has the effect of art

Black, white, pink home office

The Feature Wall

Hang your favorite wallpaper pattern on a single wall in your bedroom, then set off this new focal point with a complementary color on the remaining walls. This approach can be especially effective with a bold, bright pattern, like this French country pink print, that might overwhelm a small bedroom.

Jazz Up a Tired Room

Dress Up Your Jewelry

Perfect a pink jewelry holder by lining the inside with a cute pink-and-white pattern, creating an adorable space to store your favorite small items. Cover the front of the cabinet doors with matching paper to complete the look.

pink vanity

Complementary Panel

Choose two wallpaper patterns to create a personalized do-it-yourself headboard for your bed. Hang one strong wallpaper for the center panel and select a subtler pattern for the flanking panels. Here, a green-and-white pattern is a perfect complement to a striking floral green, white, and blue design.

Three fabric panels hanging behind a bed

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