Custom Book Printing Services: A Few Things to Consider without Fail

Book printing services are one of the most traditional print mediums that is great for manuals, novels, cookbooks, portfolios, etc. Irrespective of your requirements, you can go for book printing services at an affordable rate from a reputed print shop.

However, some key considerations might come to your mind when you look for custom book printing. If you are worried about the budget, let me tell you that these are quite affordable. Whether you are looking forward to printing your much-awaited recipe book or you are an entrepreneur who wants to print manuals on the books, you should look out for the best print shops that provide various kinds of binding.

For instance, while some go for spiral bound books, others settled for perfect bound book printing services. The best part is that both of them can be customized so you do not have reasons to worry about. As long as you have the intended purpose clear in your mind, you can dig deep into the design and layout phases.

Binding style: As mentioned above, 2 types of binding styles are widely popular, namely perfect bound book printing and spiral coil bound books. The binding style you choose depends a lot on the number of pages. If you are getting a novel printed, I would suggest you go for perfect bound books. But if yours is a manual or a portfolio, then spiral coil bound books are the best fit. The perfect bound books provide a very clean and professional appearance while the other one rotates 360 degrees and is great for a lower number of pages.

Dimensions: Once the artwork is ready, make sure you understand where it would look better. Once you have decided on the binding style, you should decide on the dimensions. The dimensions mean the width and height of the book. There are various kinds of sizes available but you should check the standard size mentioned on the print shop website and take your decision wisely. The book should feel luxurious and must look interesting enough to the recipients.

Ensure that there is no excess paper so that there is no wastage. Get a sample kit ready in the beginning so that you can think about the printing process more seamlessly and economically.

Quantity: The turnaround time depends a lot on the quantity. Whether you need a few copies or more than 300 copies, you should inform the printing services provider in advance.

The turnaround time depends a lot on the complications of the services you require.

This is the reason why I always ask my readers to start hunting at least one month before they intend to get the book in hand. It is always better to have excess time for proofreading, etc. If you get a sample kit, do not forget to check on the paper quality as well which we will discuss below.

Page count: It all depends on your intentions and content. While it is expected that a manual will have a lower number of pages, the number of pages in a novel will be more. Consider the page count before you choose particular stitching or binding.

 Ink colors: You need to choose ink colors that complement each other and maximize the visual impact and perceived value. The recipient must find your book aesthetically pleasing and be willing to turn the pages once they are done with the first page. If there are any kind of mistakes or misprints, they wouldn’t be willing to read your book. The color shouldn’t bleed and the artwork should be excellent.

 This is the reason why you should hire an in-house designer and proofreaders. But even if you don’t hire a proofreader, you can relax because most print shops will do the proofreading on your behalf.

Paper characteristics: It is better to go for heavy papers because of their durability. However, it will solely depend on your preferences and purpose.

A clear laminate film is advised for the covers so that they can withstand daily wear and tear. A glass coating will add some sheen to the ink colors as well.

Check the paper type and thickness before you order the final lot.

Finishing options: Some people are particular about how they want their books to look. Some of the options that you have include corner rounded, shrink-wrapped, perforated, etc.

The theme and type of book will decide what kind of finishing options will work. So these are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are availing of book printing services. To know whether you should opt for perfect bound books or spiral coil books, keep an eye on this blog section.

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