Dunlop Tyre’s Maintenance Tips

Wheels are the legs of your vehicle. The quality of the wheels on your car greatly impacts its handling on the road. Whether they’re made of magnesium or aluminium alloy. Even if you have Dunlop Tyres Shepshed or any other brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving on asphalt or dusty terrain, potholes or off-road, your wheels can take a beating. So, it’s important to take care of them.

Why maintain tires?

In the event of dust accumulation between brake pads and wheels, significant corrosion occurs. Furthermore, it creates stains on the alloy’s surface, which detracts from its aesthetic value.

In some cases, self-cleaning is not successful; therefore, professional assistance is necessary. The following steps done by the professionals when repairing cars in Horncastle or elsewhere:

Here are the steps:

  1. a) Wash and Wax method:

Similar to the bodywork of cars, alloy wheel waxes help keep them shiny and extend their life. In addition, premium quality waxes with their restrictive coating prevent further accumulation of dust or dirt.

  1. b) Chemical cleaners:

A short spray of a good-quality chemical cleaner will help remove most of the dust and dirt from the cast wheels and spokes. However, some cleaners leave the spokes dull and require re-polishing to bring them back to their original state.

Time to replace the tires

If you have experienced significant damage that changes the visual appearance of your wheels, replacement is necessary. Alloys can cause cracks. Therefore, check them regularly. A little care and maintenance can keep both the bikes and the occupants of the vehicle safe. So start DIY cleaning or contact an expert. However, never neglect the proper maintenance of your car’s wheels.

The tires catch a lot of dirt, while the rotors give off fine shavings, and the brake pad is responsible for the layers of dust that accumulate on the tires.

You can shorten the life of your tires because of this, as they pose a threat to the health and longevity of your tires.

To keep your tires healthy and performing at their best, you should clean them every other week.

How to clean your wheels yourself?

If you are protecting your vehicle and don’t want to invest too soon in new wheels or Best Tyres Horncastle, follow these steps:

  • Get ready:

The first step to cleaning your tires is to gather all the basic tools and materials you will need. You should always work through the entire process on each part before moving on to the next.

  • Start by rinsing

Use a pressure washer or spray nozzle to rinse off any loose dirt that you can. Try to clean the inside of the rim by working the water from several angles. Make sure the tires are wet throughout the process as this helps ensure lubrication and prevents scratching.

  • Tire cleaning

Use a medium to a soft bristle brush, mild detergent and warm water to scrub the surface of the tires. Allow the detergent to work on the tire for a while to loosen the dirt and come off during washing. Make sure the tire is always wet during the process and wash the brush after washing.

  • Wheel washing

Start by wetting the surface of the wheel and using a brush with soapy warm water to scrub. You can use additional brushes to get into any difficult spots. Finally, dry the wheel and tire thoroughly with a cloth.

  • Apply the wax

Apply wheel wax every three to four months as it turns your regular cleaning into a simple but effective high-pressure wash. Tyres’ Shepshed wax restores the shine and colour of your tires and makes them look like new.

Wax protects your tires and provides a surface layer that prevents the tires from getting dirty. Use a foam pad or glove to apply the paste wax or cream. Use a clean cloth to complete the process.

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