Facts You Must Know About Navagraha Puja

In Hindu puja mythology, the positions and movements of celestial bodies at the time of birth influence a person’s life. These celestial bodies such as planets, stars, moon, and sun create different forces. According to seers and rishis, these forces influence life, of which nine are the most influential. These nine are called Navagraha or nine planets. Navagraha puja is performed to reduce the negative effects of malefic planets and establish peace in life. The puja increases positive energy in someone’s life and their family as well. The nine planets are the moon, sun, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. People also perform Navagraha puja for marriage.

Before performing Navagraha puja, there are some facts you must know. Here are some points, 


In Hindu rituals, puja always indicates happiness and peace. This strong and impactful puja is dedicated to the nine planets of the universe. Some planets create disturbance in your life. This puja creates an invincible barrier that protects them from those planets. The nine planets play a crucial role in your life such as controlling desires, and outcomes. Navagraha puja will be immensely helpful in getting the desired results. In Hindu ceremonies, puja consistently demonstrates bliss and harmony.

This solid and significant puja is devoted to the nine planets of the universe. A few planets make unsettling influence in your life. This puja makes an invulnerable obstruction that safeguards them from those planets. The nine planets assume a vital part in your life like controlling longings, and results. Navagraha puja will be monstrously useful in obtain the ideal outcomes.

Who will conduct

Navagraha puja is meant for those people who are suffering from some problems. It is important to perform a Navagraha Homam at their home. People have disturbed Rahu and Ketu in their natal chart or maybe more than four planets are not in an exact planetary position. Sometimes, people have Kaal sarpa dosha. If you are facing those problems, it’s mandatory to perform this puja. Fix a date according to Nakshatra and perform. 


When planets lose their alignments from the solar system, people face difficulties and negative energy around them. This puja can rearrange your planetary positions and create peace. Performing this puja can provide you with so many benefits, this can remove doshas and bless you with a healthy life. This removes negative energy from your life and improves relationships and communication. This puja brings spiritual enlightenment and fulfills your desires. Nine planets also offer you various advantages. Like, the sun can offer you good health and wealth. Moon, Mars bless you with success and wealth. Mercury and Jupiter give you the power of wisdom and knowledge.

Venus and Saturn bless you with knowledge of art, and happiness. Rahu and Ketu strengthen your life. At the point when planets lose their arrangements from the planetary group, individuals face hardships and negative energy around them. This puja can revise your planetary positions and make harmony. Playing out this puja can give you so many advantages, this can eliminate doshas and favor you with a sound life. This eliminates negative energy from your life and further develops connections and correspondence. This puja brings profound edification and satisfies your longings. Nine planets likewise offer you different benefits.


Before starting, you must gain some knowledge about this puja. Some steps must be followed. Kalash Sthapana is the first step to executing the event. Then, the performer takes water from the right palm and chants mantras. After that, Ganpati puja begins and Homam is performed. At last, an Arti is performed and Prashad is distributed. Various ingredients are needed to perform the puja such as panhamrit, fresh flowers, nine pieces of cloth in different colors, nine variety of fruits, mango leaves, coconut, etc. 


People always perform puja to improve the overall well-being of their homes and lives. Navagraha puja is one of them which provides success and creates a positive atmosphere around you. If you want to achieve health, wealth, or peace, you should follow Navagraha Shanti puja vidhanam.

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