Flavors that will Attract Consumers in 2023

The recent few years have been quite tough on us due to COVID-19. However, the food industry never stopped and kept coming up with amazing flavors. Now that we are about to ring into another year in a few months, the food and beverage industry is coming up with more interesting flavors that will remain hot favorites in the coming years. 

If you are into food and love to try new flavors, here are some amazing food trends in 2023 you need to try. 

  1. Latin American Flavors

One of the interesting food and beverage trends to try in 2023 is Latin American flavors. After all, it’s amazing to use food and drinks to explore different cuisines and cultures across the globe. Since 2023 is approaching fast, this new flavor trend is likely to tap into consumer motivations like adventure and authenticity. 

  1. Fermented

If you like umami and sour flavors, you need to try fermented flavors in the New Year. According to Jan Matsuno, founder of Yumbini Foods and Mindful Food Consulting, fermented flavors are going to make a big impact next year. The food items to try in 2023 are pickles, kombucha, kimchi, miso, and beet kvass. 

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Many food companies are now experimenting with more complex flavors that usually result from the fermentation process. Furthermore, fermented flavors taste more amazing in Korean ethnic cuisine. After all, this cuisine is known for its spicy, tangy, and fermented taste. 

  1. Street Food

Street food has increased in popularity in the past five to seven years. Even in 2023, this trend will not slow down. From banh mi and arepas to poutine and pierogis, street food displays genuine flavors of culture and also appeals to various consumers who desire new experiences. Mexican elote that’s grilled and topped with cotija cheese, mayonnaise, lime, and cilantro is likely to tickle the taste buds in the US. 

In 2021, PepsiCo released a limited edition of Mexican Street Corn Cheetos. This summer Kellogg’s also debuted with Pringles Mexican Street Corn Crisps. And, the masses loved both these food options. It shows that even 2023 will see more such tangy and sour flavors with juicy sweet corn, chipotle, lime, and other handpicked ingredients that remind us of street food.  

  1. Nostalgia

After COVID-19, so many consumers were seen attracted to comfort food. This reminded them of the simple times that they enjoyed before the pandemic. So, nostalgic foods are most likely to become more popular in 2023. 

In changing times, human nature often tends to go back to the things that remind us of feeling comfortable and safe. According to Dan Mesches, CEO of Sprinkles Cupcakes, food is the best way to make anyone feel nostalgic. 

So whenever you see some flavors, you are likely to get reminded of the good old times. Generally, people are reminded of the times of cooking with family, eating together, and forming an instant connection. With the same thought in mind, Kellogg’s brought back its old Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts to make people form an instant connection with the brand. This flavor was discontinued in the 90s. But now millennials seem to be happy with the comeback of this amazing flavor. 

Even McDonald’s tapped into the nostalgia this year after releasing a Happy Meal. They also completed the meal with a plastic toy as a part of its limited-time release with Cactus Plant Flea Market Company. They also considered the nostalgia during Halloween with their old Boo Bucket. This also brought back the feeling of nostalgia with their Happy Meal food option.  

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  1. Floral and Botanical Flavors

Florals are also back big time. The botanical and floral flavor trend is also rising and making a mark in the beverage and confectionery categories. In the last two years, the flavor profiles are increasing by over 90% among consumers. We are more likely to see this flavor trend in 2023 as consumers are now more open to experimenting with new flavors in dishes.  


So, these are some food trends that we are likely to see in 2023, according to the food and beverage data offered by Spoonshot. If you are open to the idea of trying new flavors next year, do try these mentioned flavors. 

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