Follow This Step-By-Step Guide to Make the Most of Your Time and Clean Your House i​n No Time

Make the most of your time and clean your house quickly by following this step-by-step guide. It all comes down to setting a regular cleaning cadence – one effective strategy is creating weekly schedules for each room in your house.

Debbie Sardone, an expert on speed cleaning, recommends starting and ending each room at the same spot to avoid unnecessary back and forth cleaning sessions. Here are her tips:

Start with the big stuff.

Cluttered spaces require more time to organize than organized ones. One simple way to save yourself some time and energy is ensuring your space remains organized and tidy.

Start by going room by room and clearing away clutter. Be it old magazines, well-read paperback books, or your kid’s old sneakers; getting rid of all this will save you plenty of time in the future.

Make sure to track how much of your day is taken up by different activities and keep track of them daily. Writing it down will serve as a useful reminder of just how little time there is available, which may motivate you to get things done more effectively. For instance, if you find yourself spending 30 minutes daily playing phone games – instead put that time toward something more productive!

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Organize your supplies.

Starting by organizing your supplies into temporary boxes or piles by category can take time, especially if your supplies have taken over an extensive area! But it’s essential that progress be made – ultimately everything will become organized and you will find things quickly and easily.

Once you’ve sorted through your craft supplies, it’s important to get rid of anything you no longer require. For instance, if there are old markers sitting around that have dried out completely or duplicate items like washi tape and glue sticks laying around that you no longer use, donate one.

Organise your craft supplies using multiple containers, but try to keep like items together. For instance, put all markers together in one box while colored pencils belong in another – this makes it easier to grab what you need for projects! You could even get creative with your storage by using something such as an old filing cabinet to hold fabrics or wooden jewelry organizer for washi tape storage!

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Pick up the clutter.

Cleaning will be easier when there is less clutter on the ground, so start your cleanup by going room by room and collecting anything that doesn’t belong like magazines on your living room couch or old shoes under your bed. Once collected, sort into recycle, trash and donate bins.

After sorting items that belong in each room, place everything else into a clutter caddy to stay on task and avoid having to go backward while cleaning. This will allow you to stay focused without having to backtrack too often during the process.

Reminding yourself how little time there is in each day can help you prioritize tasks more easily and ensure they really matter, plus it will compel you to maximize the precious minutes and seconds you do have!

Set a weekly cleaning schedule.

Some tasks must be completed daily, including wiping down and dusting your counters, picking up crumbs or pet hair in high traffic areas, or running a squeegee over your shower door and mirror to stop mildew before it forms. Others can be completed weekly.

Decide how often you will clean each room of your home based on your lifestyle and available time. Assign each room a day of the week and set a 30-minute timer. Work room by room from top to bottom (ceiling to floor) until the timer goes off and repeat this process until every room has been done; gradually this routine will become part of daily life and less of a chore than ever!

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