Fox News Host Dan Bongino Permanently Banned by YouTube

Fox News Channel host Dan Bongino became one of the most-followed conservatives on social media Wednesday after he was permanently banned from YouTube for comments that appeared to attack President Obama.

Fox News host Dan Bongino has been permanently banned by YouTube after posting a video questioning the effectiveness of using masks against the coronavirus. The video, which was picked up by several news outlets, has caused a stir on the social media platform.

The hosts of several other leading cable news networks have also pulled their ads from YouTube after airing similar segments. In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Bongino said that he had “no doubt” that if people didn’t know how to use masks, they would be infected with the virus. He added that he feared that many people would not take advantage of the safety instructions included in the videos released by public health officials.

On January 20, 2018, YouTube suspended one of Bongino’s YouTube channels after he posted a video that included graphic and offensive language. The video has since been removed from the platform. This suspension comes as a surprise to Bongino, who had been outspoken about free speech on Twitter and Youtube. In the video, which has since been deleted, Bongino refers to Mexicans as “f-ing invaders” and calls for U.S. President Donald Trump to be impeached.

Dan Bongino’s two main YouTube channels have amassed over 882,000 subscribers apiece. Most recently, his main channel had around 1.5 million subscribers. In addition to his main channel, Dan also has a second channel where he posts videos about a variety of topics. This second channel has racked up more than 350,000 subscribers in just one month.

On Wednesday, Bongino’s website,, published a post that said YouTube attempted a poorly executed feature that could break up couples. The post has since been removed from the website and Bongino says he is permanently banned from the platform.

The post was met with mixed reactions on social media, with some commenters criticizing YouTube for its poor performance while others praised the platform for taking action against Bongino. Some people even thanked YouTube for suspending his account. first made the story public on Wednesday evening after receiving multiple inquiries about it from various online platforms. The website stated in its original post that it was “stating the truth as we see it.”

According to Bongino, his account was suspended by YouTube after he uploaded a video that included graphic content about relationships.

Dan Bongino and the Big Business of Returning Trump to Power

The two-time winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in The Revenant and Crossroads, Bongino is one of the most popular hosts on the platform. He draws an estimated 8.5 million radio listeners a week, making him the fourth most listened to T.V. host in America according to SoundScan. His latest project is a new talk show called The Dan Bongino Show, which premiered on July 15th on Fox Business Network.

Bongino has been slammed by viewers for his hypersensitivity to criticism and his willingness to disrespect others who have disagreed with him on air or online.

Bongino was caught on camera using a homophobic slur during his show on Saturday night, and after receiving backlash from viewers, he issued an apology.

“I’m sorry about what I said on my show,” Bongino said in a statement. “I don’t believe in hate speech and I’m sorry if any of my words caused pain or offense.”

Bongino’s podcast, The Dan Bongino Show, has been ranked No. 1 on iTunes since it was created in February 2017. The host currently has over 4 million subscribers.

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