Full Detailed Guide Sandhan Valley Trek

Sandhan Valley Trek

It is the best offbeat destination in the Kalsubai trek. Sandhan Valley Trek is located in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra.You can enjoy lots here. It is a famous place for nature lovers. The real beauty of nature can be seen here. It is perfect for rainy days. In the rainy season the view of this place is so good to see. It is the most attractive place in Maharashtra. This trek starts from Samard village. It is a very beautiful place. This trek is specially made for nature lovers. Nature lovers can enjoy lots here. This trek shows the best views of nature. You can see many views here. All the views are amazing. It is a water carved canyon. The water of this valley is so pure and white. There are no dirty filters in this valley water. The beauty of this place is pressed everywhere.

How to reach

You can reach here by train. You can reach it easily here. There are lots of vehicles by train, car, bus, taxi, cab. This is a very beautiful place. The time period to reach here is 2 hours 45 minutes. You can reach here by Mumbai. You can take a central railway train bound for Kasara. You can take a train to igatpuri or Kasar from Mumbai. It is the best journey you can enjoy here. The time period is 2 hours and 45 minutes by train.

Best Time To Visit This Trek

All time is perfect for Sandhan Valley except summer. In summer it is very hot. You cannot enjoy lots in summer due to heat. The best time to visit this place is autumn, winter, and the rainy season. In this time period you can enjoy it. This time is perfect for tourists. You can enjoy an extremely memorable journey.

For Nature Lovers

Nature lovers come here and enjoy it a lot. People can enjoy lots here. Mostly this place is famous for its nature and natural beauty. The green lush garden, forest , scenery, grassland, and mountains feel the beauty of nature. Their forest is full of flowers and green grass. Nature lovers always love this place and their beauty. They enjoy this place and make memorable journeys here.

Things To Carry On This Trek

Clothes-You can carry two to three pairs of clothes. you can carry some jackets and sweaters.

Toiletries-Some Toiletries items you can carry with you- soap, brush, Toilet paper, paste, shampoo e.t.c. 

Torch Light-The torch helps you to see at night. Many people travel at night so the torch helps you to see at night.

Food Items-Carry food items like Butter, Jam, Bread, Snacks e.t.c.as they help you in this trek. 

Trekking And Camping Related Items-You can pick some Trekking items in your bag. It is a wonderful Trekking destination. Some basic camping items you can pack in your bag.

Socks And Shoes-You must carry some extra pair of shoes and socks in your bag. It’s helpful to make your trek easy.

Difficulty Levels

This is a very famous trek in Maharashtra. It is a famous tourist spot. Trekking is the best thing to do in this trek. But trekking is not so easy. Climbing mountains is not so easy. Many difficulties come when you start trekking lush green forest, grassland, and high rock climbing. You can take a camping experience on this trek. It is a fun-filled trek. You can enjoy lots of fun there. You can take more experience in camping and Trekking by this trek.

Some Common Things About This Trek

You can easily travel in Kalsubai Peak Trek. This is a perfect destination for tourists to make your journey memorable. In this trek some things you can take with you. These things help you to make your trek easy and suitable. Some necessary things are Clothes, Toiletries, Food Items, Socks and Shoes, Trekking and camping Items. I’d prove these are very common things you have to carry with you. Without proof you can not stay here. 

For Beginners

Beginners can start their journey from Kalsubai Peak Trek. This place is very attractive for beginners. There are lots of places for beginners to start their journey. They organized lots of camps for beginners. They make their journey memorable. Trekking is allowed on this trek. Beginners can start Trekking and camping there. There is no difficulty coming under these treks. You can easily climb and reach mountains.

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