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A Gojek Clone app  is an all-inclusive platform that offers multiple services on a single platform. The app is also known as a super-app. In the blog, we will get into more details. For now, let’s concentrate on a study conducted by PayPal and PYMNTS, “The Super App Shift: How Consumers Want to Save, Shop and Spend in the Connected Economy.

What does the study say about super-apps? Well, people surveyed in Australia, Germany, the UK, and the USA have different opinions about super-apps. Based on the study, one can say that: 

  • 90% of surveyed people are motivated to use super-app because of its convenience. 
  • 72% of respondents are slightly interested in using a super-app.  
  • 3 in 4 customers show strong demand for super-apps. 

Does that mean super-apps are a buzzing work in today’s economy? The answer is yes! 

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What is a Super-app? 

A super-app is a mobile application that offers more than one service including features like online payments, order tracking, feedback, in-app communication (call/message), etc. Some popular examples of super-apps are Gojek, Grab, Postmates, WeChat, and many more. 

A Gojek Clone app is a super-app that offers numerous on-demand services like taxi ride booking, parcel delivery, booking appointments, hiring personal shoppers, etc. In addition, the Gojek Clone super-app is integrated with several modern features to facilitate easy service booking, payments, feedback, live location tracking, and so on. 

Benefits of Super-apps for Entrepreneurs in Indonesia 

The super-apps are on the rise because of the convenience it provides, the storage space it saves, and several other reasons. The question is, “how it benefits the entrepreneurs in Indonesia?” Following are the benefits entrepreneurs leverage: 

Easy operations 

The super-apps are meant to offer a wide range of services to countless customers. Thus, the business must operate efficiently and seamlessly! Well, super-apps like Gojek Clone function online and with a completely automated dwelling. Therefore, it is easy to operate the business without worrying about human-made errors. 

In simpler words, with a digitized solution, it gets easy to operate and manage an on-demand multi-service business. 

Multiple industries under one roof 

The app includes several services from different genres or industries like logistics & transportation, healthcare, spa, fitness, and more. In brief, the entrepreneur with a Gojek Clone app  in Indonesia already operates in different industries! 

To be precise, the entrepreneur rules the entire on-demand industry with a single app. 

Continuous income 

As already mentioned, the super-app includes services from various genres. Therefore, the income earned comes from different services, not just one. For example, on one hand, the app is recording fewer orders for the on-demand mechanics, and on the other hand, maximum orders are being received from: 

  • Online food and grocery delivery 
  • On-demand parcel delivery 
  • Online video consultation with doctors 
  • Service bidding with handyman 

In other words, the income will inflow no matter what and the business will run forever! 

Easy profit-making 

Super-apps in Indonesia are popular for another significant reason – huge profit-making. Think about the profits you will earn from a single app! Additionally, the business models of the Gojek Clone app are curated to bring maximum profits for the entrepreneur. 

In the commission-based model, a certain percentage is earned from every service that’s rendered through the app. For example, a 10% commission from moto rides, a 12% commission from massage therapists, etc. 

In a membership subscription plan, the entrepreneur curates plans with different time validity, features, prices, etc. First-time registering providers need to purchase one of the available plans and renew/upgrade them before the existing plan expires. 

Extra revenue generation 

The super-app offers multiple services, brings in continuous income, and on top of that, generates additional revenue. Entrepreneurs in Indonesia can earn additional money via three primary components: 

  • Surcharges: paid by customers for booking service during high-demand hours. 
  • Cancellation fee: paid by customers for canceling the service a few minutes before service delivery.
  • In-app advertisements: earn a small but significant amount of money for every third-party Facebook/Google ad displayed on the app’s home screen. 

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Final Thoughts: 

In summary, an entrepreneur with a Gojek Clone app  in Indonesia is the most successful business owner because they have a platform to capture a larger market. Moreover, the app helps them to make more money. 

The surprising part is that you can build a super-app like Gojek Clone in just 1 to 2 weeks. Do you want to know more? Click to find out!

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