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One of the best and most well-liked games available right now is Honkai Impact 3. In this 3D action role-playing game, you create a team of three Valkyries and can freely move them about the battlefield. Additionally, you have the option to switch between members of the team to control a different character. Keep in mind that switching members can be useful during battles because particular Valkyries would be effective against particular foes.

Each Valkyrie possesses a unique attack, method of evasion, weapon, and ultimate skill. Additionally, each character is categorised into a specific type, which gives them advantages and disadvantages when facing off against adversaries. Because of their differences, one Valkyrie defeats the other in a manner akin to a game of rock-paper-scissors. However, understanding each type’s benefits and drawbacks will be crucial when forming teams and winning battles.

Each Valkyrie has a variety of assaults, weaponry, and Battlesuits at her disposal. They can be strengthened through upgrades, just like firearms. Each weapon is also divided into categories based on its tier. The 1 to 2 star category includes the weakest weaponry, while the 5 to 6 star category includes the strongest. Continue reading to find out more about the armour and weapons that each Valkyrie utilises.

Different Weapons & Battlesuits Each Valkyrie Uses in Honkai Impact 3

Get to know more about each weapon and Battlesuit that these 13 Valkyries use in the game:


In Honkai Impact 3, Kiana is one of the main characters. She is therefore crucial to the primary plot. She uses a handgun, one of the 49 distinct types of pistols that are currently available, as her weapon. The breakdown of the pistols that are accessible per tier is as follows:

  • 1-2 Stars – 2 Pistols (Proto Pistol and USP45)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Pistols (Colt Anaconda EX, Colt Peacemaker, Desert Eagle, M1911, USP EX)
  • 3-4 Stars – 15 Pistols (Some of these are Ai-chan’s Syringe, Alloy Dominators, Alloy Hurricanes, Artemis Guardian, and Dark Suns)
  • 4-5 Stars – 24 Pistols (Among these pistols include 2nd Sacred Relic, ARC Serratus, Blaze Destroyer, Blooded Stains, and Dominators)
  • 5-6 Stars – 3 Pistols (Domain of the Void, Positron Blasters, Tranquil Rhapsody)

The pistols on the 4-5 and 5-6 star tiers, which are the highest star tiers in this scenario, are the most powerful weapons. It’s crucial to keep in mind that not all weapons, including the other kinds, are accessible right away. Consequently, you must first acquire them. The harder it is to get, the higher the Stars.

In addition to wielding firearms, Kiana is also equipped with five different battlesuits, each of which having its own specialisations in terms of assault, evasion, and usage. It’s as if there are 5 Kianas, and depending on the make-up of your team, each one is different and offers a different set of skills. These are the 5 Battlesuits:

  • White Comet – Mecha Type
  • Valkyrie Ranger – Mecha Type
  • Divine Prayer – Psychic Type
  • Knight Moonbeam – BIO type
  • Herrscher of the Void – BIO type
  • Geometry Dash Subzero

It’s crucial to keep in mind that using the Battlesuit requires summoning or farming it first. To all Valkyries, this rule applies. Each Battlesuit is like a separate character in the game, as was already said, thus you must first obtain one in order to use it.


Raiden Mei is a different Valkyrie that can be found in the game. There are 48 various katanas that may be purchased, and that is the weapon she utilises. The distribution of katanas by tier is seen below:

  • 1-2 Stars – 2 Katanas (Proto Pulse Tachi, Seishuu Muramasa)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Katanas (Amemura Bloodlust, Horikawa Kunihiro, Muramasa Bloodlust, Rosefinch, Willow)
  • 3-4 Stars – 16 Katanas (Among the available are Ai-chan’s Crutch, Alloy Anemoi, Alloy Gluttony, Crystal Edge, and Endergonic Tachi)
  • 4-5 Stars – 21 Katanas (Some of these katanas are 3rd Sacred Relic, Anemoi, Dawn Breaker – Talwar, Demon Blade – Florida Sakura, and Fairy Sword Silven)
  • 5-6 Stars – 4 Katanas (Domain of Sanction, Frozen Naraka, MAG-Typhoon, Ruinous Sakura)

As for Battlesuits, Mei currently has six, where each one is unique. Below are the Battlesuits for this Valkyrie:

  • Crimson Impulse – BIO Type
  • Valkyrie Bladestrike – BIO Type
  • Shadow Dash – Mecha Type
  • Lightning Empress – Psychic Type
  • Danzai Spectramancer – Mecha Type
  • Herrscher of Thunder – Psychic Type


Like Kiana, Bronya Zaychik is also one of the game’s main characters. Therefore, she is an integral character in the story. Her weapon of choice is cannons, where there are 44 different cannons available. Below is a breakdown of its tier:

  • 1-2 Stars – 2 Cannons (Proto Pulse Cannon, SU-22 Howitzer)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Cannons (Fury Belcher, MiG-11, MiG-13, MiG-7, SU-30 Cannon)
  • 3-4 Stars – 15 Cannons (Some of these are Xuanyuan Cannon, X-01 Azure Eye, Stellar Tempo, Raider Missiles, and Markov Type C)
  • 4-5 Stars – 20 Cannons (Some of these you can acquire are Star of Eden, Star Shatter – Vikrant, Lurker, Ranger’s Laser, and Star Destroyer 19C)
  • 5-6 Stars – 2 Cannons (Briareus EX, Star Destroyer 19C-X)

As for Bronya’s Battlesuits, she currently has six that you can summon or farm. Here are the different Battlesuits:

  • Valkyrie Chariot – Psychic Type
  • Snowy Sniper – BIO Type
  • Yamabuki Armor – Psychic Type
  • Dimension Breaker – Mecha Type
  • Wolf’s Dawn – Psychic Type
  • Black Nucleus – BIO Type
  • Herrscher of Reason – Mecha Type


Known as the Ace of the Far East, Murata Himeko is another Valkyrie available in the game. Greatswords are her weapons, and there are 41 different greatswords available. Below are the different tiers:

  • 1-2 Stars – 2 Greatswords (Greatsword, Proto Pulse Cleaver)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Greatswords (Energy Greatsword, Fusion Sword EX, Hybrid Type-16, Hybrid Type-27, Nuclear PRI)
  • 3-4 Stars – 11 Greatswords (Among these are Violet Knight, Vanguard, Nitro Crystal, King Cobra, and Ion Resonance)
  • 4-5 Stars – 21 Greatswords (Some of these that you can acquire are Sunfire, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Schiffschneider, and Hrungnir)
  • 5-6 Stars – 2 Greatswords (Shuhadaku of Uriel, Sutr Muspellsverd)

When it comes to Battlesuits, Himeko has six. Below are the different Battlesuits you can summon:

  • Battle Storm – BIO Type
  • Valkyrie Triumph – BIO Type
  • Scarlet Fusion – Mecha Type
  • Blood Rose – Psychic Type
  • Arctic Kriegsmesser – Psychic Type
  • Vermilion Knight: Eclipse – Mecha Type

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