How can your Business Benefit From Twitter API

Unlike the other social media platforms, Twitter is a micro-blogging site. The usage of twitter is to basically facilitate discussions around what is happening in the world and what the people are talking about currently. With close to 200 million active users, twitter is increasingly becoming one of the more attractive places to carry out business operations. 

Now while an Instagram API or Facebook API is not new, to fully understand twitter API lets take a look at what it exactly entails. 

What is the twitter API

In the most common words, an API is what provides the services of a middleman between two applications along with an additional layer of security. The implication of this is when you browse a social media page using an API any indirect threats posed by visiting that page are removed! Thanks to the twitter API. This is just one of its many features. 

Apart from this, the API also helps with a list of commands. To be able to understand this better, for instance you are having dinner at a restaurant so your channel of communication or rather the link between you and the kitchen is the waiter. Without him, you’d have to directly deal with the kitchen and push through to be able to eat. This is what the API functions as. In fact the API provides a list of methods that can be used for communication. This includes GET to retrieve data. POST for creation of data. PUT for updating the data and DELETE for the removal of data. 

What are the features of the twitter API

Apart from the ones mentioned above there are various other salient features that the twitter API comes with. To understand this better, the four objects of twitter API need to be remembered. These are tweets, entities, places and users. With plenty of opportunity comes certain restrictions as well. This includes the calls and the changes in the API that are restricted by access tokens so that the platform cannot be abused. Instead of SSL, the twitter API uses HTTP. In order to adapt the twitter API in the entirety of the social network, it includes generated paging as well as library restrictions. 

What is the cost of twitter API

There are three subscription packages when we talk about the cost of the twitter API. These are standard, premium and enterprise packages. Now, standard subscription is free of cost and comes with the basic features needed to start using twitter API. If you are a business that needs more functionality and access to specific things such as twitter’s full archive, premium subscription is the way to go. The enterprise subscription works best for the businesses that want to start a campaign and manage it through data assimilated on twitter. 

Exploring twitter API

A huge variety of things can be done when it comes to the usage of twitter API. This includes retrieving, viewing, sorting and filtering almost any data available on twitter. There are a host of possibilities as well. As a business organization, you can build an app where certain specific tweets can be accessed such as AIDS medicine or covid crisis. A website can also be launched where the users can read the tweets only from certain locations or simply have a personal project to examine the sentiment of your own tweets. If you want to build on a certain narrative then the best thing to do is curation of certain tweets to build into a story. 

Installing a twitter API

The first step to the installation of a twitter API is opening a command prompt terminal. Furthermore, you will need a twitter developer account. In order to create one, you can easily open the application management page and create an app. Once you name it, you can enter a website URL and give it a short description. 

Creating an API key

In order to get started and send API calls, there are a unique set of keys assigned by twitter to your developer account. In order to access them, you need to login and select the details from the app management screen. The next step is to click on keys and tokens and generate a new API key which is discreet. 

Authorisation of the twitter account

Once the businesses follow the step by step guidelines of twitter to set up the twitter API, various activities of sending messages and media can happen. You won’t even have to open the application to send a message. Once the twitter account is verified, you can send messages or a tweet using the update POST. Moreover, the API can be used to respond to a tweet as well. If you wish to retrieve all the tweets using a particular hashtag then that is also possible. Using the search GET endpoint, this easily lets you view all the tweets in the last 7 days of a particular hashtag. 

Find subjects that are trending

If you are looking for insights to know what is trending and accordingly create the campaign for your brand, this is the place to be. Twitter API helps the people in finding out all the locally trending subjects so that content can be derived accordingly. Once the businesses are aware of the trending topics, they can create strategies. Discussions can be initiated using the subject matter derived through twitter. 

Creation of bots

Creation of bots is one of the biggest perks using twitter API. You can use all of these with other endpoints to create bots. They help in setting reminders. They also remind you about live events, etc so that your followers don’t miss out on an important update. 

Hence, with a whole wide world that yet remains to be explored, where are you? If you wish to make your business a success, now is the time to do that. Get started with twitter API and see the difference in your brand success. 

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