How likely do people develop mortal covid19-symptoms?

Along with the Covid, 19 symptoms comes the seriousness of the condition in many patients. Additionally, very few people require hospitalization at the ER of Watauga. However, the effects of this virus on some people are quite serious and sometimes life-threatening.

With covid rapid tests, it is observed that some people have the likelihood to develop severe covid 19 symptoms while others don’t; why is that?

Difference between older people and younger people:

Age is a very big risk factor. As compared to young people, middle age or old people have the risk of developing critical covid 19 symptoms and the possibility of hospitalization. One of the recent studies stated that people above the age of 80 have a 13 percent probability possibility of death. On the other hand, people in their 30s have a 0.15% probability and zero for people who are under 20. The study done by CDC also had the same results. 

You may think that it is due to a weak immune system, as it is not efficient in killing the viral infection. However, this doesn’t cover the whole thing. According to an expert, people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s weren’t hit by anything like covid. Critical Covid 19 doesn’t just damage the cells but also hurts the body by inflammation that damages the lungs and other organs. Similarly, there might be other factors that may change in the immune system with the passage of time. That’s why older people have more likelihood of developing mortal symptoms, even if they are healthy and have no other medical condition. Other factors include being too social and encountering viruses.

Differences between men and women 

With the help of rapid covid testing methods, we find out that men and women have roughly equal rates of developing covid 19. However, men have more probability of dying as compared to women due to corona. For instance, in countries like Italy and Ireland, men were 70% of the whole virus deaths. Additionally, there are many factors that dictate this hypothesis. One is both sexes have different immune responses towards the covid. A study found that older men have a worse outcome when it comes to flu as compared to women. Similarly, men also drink more alcohol, which weakens the immune system and creates the chances of developing pneumonia. Moreover, men also have the habit of tobacco smoking, which also weakens the immune system and affects the overall functionalities of the lungs. Chinese studies also stated that smoking is a crucial factor in predicting worse outcomes.

Mortal covid 19 symptoms due to underlying medical conditions:

People who develop mortal covid 19 symptoms may also have some additional medical conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, kidney disease, asthma, cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. In some scenarios, the association is quite clear. Obesity and diabetes create a weaker resistance to infection. Additionally, a recent study stated that men with obesity sometimes require treatment with mechanical ventilation. Similarly, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and asthma lessen lung functionality and enhance the chances of lung inflammation. Moreover, people with this disorder also use a corticosteroid, an immune-suppressing drug that reduces the protection against respiratory infection. Furthermore, any critical underlying medical condition can affect the functionality of a vital organ. Hence making them less able to withstand problems caused by the infection.

Many experts also suggested that some common treatments for diabetes and high blood pressure can also increase the COVID-19 risk, as these medications increase the levels of ACE2, which is a cell surface enzyme that the coronavirus uses to get inside the cells. However, there is no clinical evidence that these drugs increase the chances of risk, and many doctors also don’t suggest stopping using this drug.

Some people also consume non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen for serious conditions like arthritis. However, these drugs can put stress on your kidneys when they are consumed for a longer period and may even be the root of serious kidney diseases. This can be a problem because Covid sometime attacks kidneys too. 


It has been observed that African Americans have a high possibility of developing serious COVID-19 symptoms. For instance, in Louisiana, 70% of corona death were from this group. However, they only make up a third of the state population. Additionally, similar results have been seen in many other states. It is too soon to assume what is the reason for this factor. Meanwhile, the other possible factors might be limited access to healthcare, health insurance, poverty, and medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, and hypertension.

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