How the 2022 Kona Electric Helped Hyundai Capture the EV Market?

With the rising demand for electric vehicles, every company is trying to manufacture one to capture the vast market. One of the best EVs available nowadays is the Kona Electric, which has helped Hyundai capture this massive market.

More people are opting for Kona Electric nowadays rather than any other model. From having an affordable price to providing immense performance; all these have led to its popularity among EV enthusiasts. If you want one or check out a unit, then visit Lindenwold Electric Vehicle dealership.

The reasons how Kona Electric helped Hyundai capture this market

The driving range is similar to its rivals or better, eager handling, long warranty, and more have helped Kona Electric capture a portion of the electric vehicle market. So, to understand in detail, you need to know three aspects of this vehicle – powertrain, interior, and pricing. Take a look at these below!

  • Electric motors’ performance and power delivery

Kona Electric comes with just an FWD system and its electric motor helps in delivering 201 horsepower. The battery included in this vehicle is a 64-kWh pack that runs for a long time. This electric motor assists this car to reach 0-60 mph in just 6.4 seconds (it is better by 0.2 seconds than a regular Kona model).

This electric version of Kona offers agile driving dynamics that makes driving it quite fun and exciting on twisted lanes. Of course, this vehicle won’t offer the thrills of a sports car but it is quite compelling for a sub-compact vehicle. Moreover, on a highway, it feels stable and substantial due to the heavy weight of its battery pack and cruises swiftly.

Furthermore, it has a long range of 258 miles and allows one-pedal driving due to its regenerative braking system. In addition, it can be charged using a household outlet of 110-volt. However, experts recommend not using this regularly. Instead, an ideal option is using a 240-volt outlet if an individual wants to charge at home. Apart from these, people can also charge their Kona Electric using a fast-charging DC station.

For mileage and other details, visit the EV dealer in Lindenwold. All your queries regarding mileage and powertrain can be answered by such professionals.

  • Practical yet elegant interior

The entire interior is created using quality materials and loaded with features. Also, the seats and the entire interior are comfortable for people to take their vehicle on a short or long drive. The cargo space can hold 5 carry-ons and 15 if its rear seat is stowed. A large touchscreen infotainment system, smartphone integration, Infinity audio system, etc. are just some of the features you can cherish.

  • Kona Electric’s cost

Only two variants are available for this EV; the first is SEL and its second option is Limited. These two are priced at $35,300 and $43,800 respectively. You can choose the one that is within your budget and fulfills your needs.

This is undoubtedly one of the best electric vehicles on the market. Hence, if you are in the market for an EV, you should check this car out at least once before you decide whether you want to purchase it.

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