How to Check AirPods Battery Life

Apple AirPods provide round 5 hours of listening time and  hours of speak time (or with second-technology AirPods, 3 hours of speak time) on a unmarried price. And in case you pop your AirPods for 15 mins of their case, you may arise to a few hours of listening time or over an hour of speak time.

During use, you will listen a tone whilst your AirPods’ batteries are low, and every other tone simply earlier than they run out. 

But you do not ought to await those tones to realize how a good deal price they’ve remaining. Here are some different methods that you may preserve a better eye to your AirPods’ battery existence.

On iPhone

If you are now no longer the use of your AirPods, open the charging case lid with the AirPods interior and preserve the case near your iPhone. 

The price repute of your AirPods and their case need to seem at the device’s display, and in case you take out an AirPod, you will see man or woman possibilities for the 2 earpieces.

You also can take a look at the price repute of your AirPods the use of the Batteries widget on your ‌iPhone‌’s Today View, accessed via way of means of swiping proper at the Lock display or to your Home display’s first display of apps.

how to test AirPods battery existence on iPhone

If you are carrying each AirPods, the Batteries widget will display a unmarried percent for the 2 of them it’s rounded right all the way down to the earpiece with the bottom battery.

 If you location one of the AirPods on your charging case, the widget will display you man or woman possibilities, in addition to the present day price degree of the charging case itself.

If you do not have it established already, you may upload the Batteries widget manually. To do so, input the Today view, scroll to the lowest of the column of widgets and press the Edit button. 

Then sincerely faucet the inexperienced plus button withinside the listing subsequent to Batteries and faucet Done withinside the top proper of the display.

how to test AirPods battery

If you are a fan of Siri and you are carrying your AirPods, you may constantly ask the digital assistant “How is the battery existence of my AirPods?” and also you need to get an answer.

On Apple Watch

You can take a look at the battery degree of your AirPods out of your wrist, whether or not they may be paired together along with your ‌iPhone‌ or without delay together along with your Apple Watch.

To do so, convey up the Control Center to your Apple Watch: Swipe up on an eye face, or whilst in an app, press the lowest fringe of the display then drag up the Control Center. Then faucet the Apple Watch battery icon, indicated via way of means of a percent.

how to test AirPods battery on Apple Watch

Your AirPods’ battery degree may be displayed as a hoop under the Apple Watch battery percent, and in case you location a pod in its charging case, you will see man or woman percent fees for the lot.

On the Charging Case

If your AirPods are of their case, the mild in the case suggests the price repute of your AirPods. (On second-technology AirPods, this mild is positioned at the the front of the case.)

If now no longer, the mild suggests the repute of the case. Green manner charged, and amber suggests much less than one complete price remains.

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