How to Choose Best DSLR Cameras Microphones and Buying Guide

DSLR camera microphones are crucial for capturing high-quality audio when recording video with cameras or camcorders. Without a qualified microphone, your video will likely suffer from poor sound quality, which may be a disaster to deter your subscribers.

However, what dose a DSLR camera microphone do? How to choose the best DSLR camera microphone for video recording or vlogging? Here are the details and 10 best recommendations.

What Is a DSLR Video Camera Microphone?

A DSLR cameras microphones is a type of microphone that is designed to be used with a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. DSLR cameras are becoming increasingly popular for video production, as they offer high-quality video at a relatively low cost. DSLR video camera mics are designed to provide high-quality, even broadcast quality audio for these cameras.

Why You Should Buy a DSLR Camera Microphone?

1. Onboard Mic vs. External Mic

There are two main DSLR microphones: onboard microphones and external microphones. Onboard microphones are usually of poor quality and pick up a lot of unwanted noise, such as the sound of the camera’s autofocus motor. For this reason, many videographers use an external microphone with their DSLR camera.

External microphones are not built into the camera and must be plugged into the camera’s microphone input. External microphones are usually much higher quality than onboard microphones and are a better choice for videographers or vloggers who want to capture high-quality audio.

2. Audio Quality

When recording video with your DSLR cameras or camcorders, it’s important to remember that audio is just as important as video. Many videographers believe that audio is even more important than video.

Poor audio quality can make a video very difficult to watch, even if it is high quality. For this reason, choosing a DSLR microphone capable of capturing high-quality audio is important.

3. Portability

You’ll likely be doing a lot of moving when recording video with your DSLR camera. This means you’ll need a microphone that is easy to carry.

Some microphones, such as shotgun microphones, can be huge and bulky. This can make them difficult to carry with you, especially if you’re recording video in a crowded area. For this reason, choosing a small, portable microphone is important.

Types of External Microphone

1. Handheld Microphone

A handheld microphone is a microphone held in the hand while recording. Handheld microphones are a popular choice for videographers because they are relatively small and easy to carry. Handheld microphones are relatively inexpensive, making them a good choice for budget-conscious videographers.

Handheld microphones are typically lower quality than other microphones, such as shotgun microphones. These microphones are also common for live comedy performances or award ceremonies.

If you’re attempting to replicate that look, handheld microphones are recommended for these situations. Voiceovers and the collection of sound effects are two additional frequent off-camera uses.

2. Lavalier microphone

A lavalier microphone is a small microphone that is typically clipped to the clothing of the person who is being recorded. Lavalier microphones are popular for videographers and vloggers because they are small and unobtrusive.

They are also inexpensive, making them a good choice for budget-conscious videographers who frequently go overlooked due to their diminutive size, making them a favorite among news anchors and interview guests.

When using a lavalier mic outside, you might need a windshield to reduce wind noise. The benefit of the tiny size may be lost, and the mic’s profile will increase.

A piece of gaffer’s tape is frequently used for this purpose. As long as there aren’t too many layers of clothes covering the microphone, the garment serves as a basic windshield, and the sound quality should be good. Before and while recording, make sure to listen for any garments rustling.

3. Shotgun Microphone

A shotgun microphone is a type of microphone that is typically mounted on the hot shoe of a DSLR camera. Picking up sound from a distance is one of the main advantages of shotgun mics.

They are ideal for recording lectures, speeches, and other situations where the subject is some distance away from the camera. The long, narrow shape of the microphone helps reduce ambient noise, making it easier to hear the person being recorded.

You must utilize a windshield while using a shotgun microphone outside. Look at a blimp or zeppelin instead of the foam model that came with the microphone because it is useless for anything more than a little wind.


These cages for your shotgun mic resemble tubes and typically have fur-like material on the exterior. This diffuses the wind before it reaches the microphone, so shooting outside in a strong wind shouldn’t be a problem.There are many different types of DSLR microphones available on the market, so choosing the right one is important. This guide has discussed the different types of DSLR microphones and how to choose the best one for your needs. We’ve also provided a list of the 10 best DSLR microphones on the market to choose the right one for your budget and needs.

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