How to customize a T-shirt


  • Huawei MateBook
  • Windows10


The first step is to open the t-shirt customization website on the computer and click group customization on the homepage of the website.

How to customize a T-shirt

  1. In The second step, enter the group customization page, and click the online design below to place an order.
  2. The third step is to enter the t-shirt custom design interface, and design the t-shirt pattern by uploading pictures and other methods.
  3. The fourth step, after designing the t-shirt pattern, click to fill in the order to customize the t-shirt


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  1. T-shirt
  2. Scissors
  3. hot melt adhesive
  4. Start by flipping the T-shirt on its wrong side and cutting down the shoulders
  5. Cut a section at the bottom of the t-shirt and cut this section into two small parts
  6. Use these two small parts to connect the shoulder and cuff parts together and secure with Start by flipping the T-shirt to its wrong side and cutting down the shoulders

hot glue

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If you can do some needlework yourself, you can actually try to change the clothes yourself~ You can cut off the long part of the short-sleeved T-shirt, and then fold it in and sew it, it is not difficult. If you think this is not enough, you can DIY according to your own imagination, or there are actually many DIY tutorials on the Internet, try to change it yourself~ Your T-shirt will become the one and only one in the world. Anything But a Backpack Day

What should I do if the T-shirt is too long?

If you feel that your hands are not skillful enough to try them easily, then ask a professional to help you modify it. In fact, the price of changing clothes is not high, and the fabric of general T-shirts can also be modified, so you can get them from nearby It is the most convenient and safe way for the tailor shop to shorten the clothes and make them fit better

Which short-sleeved T-shirt is good, how do choose a short-sleeved T-shirt?

Different from women, men’s short-sleeved T-shirts mainly focus on the comfort and fit of the clothes when selecting them. Especially in summer, wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt that is comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbing is really exciting. refreshing. Therefore, when choosing men’s short-sleeved T-shirts, the quality of the fabric should be the first. Generally speaking, men’s short-sleeved T-shirts have the following fabrics. Adidas Discount Code NHS 

T-Shirt Fabric

Ordinary polyester-cotton fabric: The most common fabric for short-sleeved T-shirts is polyester-cotton, which seems to be cheaper.

Ordinary pure cotton fabric: short-sleeved T-shirts are mostly made of ordinary pure cotton fabrics. T-shirts made of this fabric are comfortable to wear, but slightly less rigid.

Mercerized cotton fabric: The short-sleeved T-shirt made of this raw material not only completely retains the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a silky luster. The fabric is soft to the touch, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and has good elasticity and drape; , It is comfortable and casual to wear, which fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer.

Pure cotton knitted double mercerized fabric: The short-sleeved T-shirt of this kind of fabric is shiny and smooth, which is better than mercerized cotton. Also Read: PHP Programming Language

T-Shirt Shapes and Matching

Pattern: People with fleshy stomachs or thin waists can choose a T-shirt with a tubular weave (that is, a design with no stitching on the body part) to decorate. Of course, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the cotton T-shirt. Too thin a T-shirt can easily make the protruding belly more obvious. If a thinner person wants to wear a thin T-shirt, they can use the layering to increase the thickness of their figure.

Cutting method: The design of the V-neck can make the face shape more slender; if you have a little muscle but are not particularly strong, you can choose a cut with the shoulder line slightly inward and closer to the neck, this T-shirt gives people a stronger If the body is a little thin, it is best to choose bright colors and reflective elements to increase the sense of weight ASOS Discount Code NHS


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How to make a T-shirt look good

  1. Hem buttoning transformation method: First, you need to fold the T-shirt in half to ensure that the two sides are aligned, otherwise it will be asymmetrical when cut out
  2. Cut it at a 45° angle. You can use chalk or the like to make a line first so that it is not easy to cut off. The two sides of the T-shirt are cut off.
  3. Open the T-shirt and reduce the triangle at the back. It is best to draw the line first, otherwise, it will be embarrassing if your hands are crooked.

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