How to Draw Hello Kitty

How to Draw Hello Kitty. Kitty may seem like a cute little kitty, but despite her humble appearance, she’s become a worldwide phenomenon! Since its inception in 1974, Hello Kitty has appeared on fashion items, accessories, toys, and more. Its design is instantly recognizable, and the simple yet effective design makes learning to draw Hello Kitty fun.

If you want to see how easy and fun it can be to recreate this iconic feline, you’ll want to read this guide! Our step-by-step guide on how to draw Hello Kitty in just six steps will show you how. So, if you are looking for 3d drawings then you are at the right post, here we share more drawings like birds drawing, cartoon drawings, pencil drawing and many more.

Drawing a Hello Kitty

Step 1:

One of the iconic aspects of Hello Kitty’s design is her little bow that rests on her head. No guide on how to draw Hello Kitty would be complete without this bow, so we’ll draw it in this step. For the center of the arc, you can draw a small circle. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, so drawing it freehand will work fine! For each wing of the arch, you can draw a curved line from the sides. You can draw a few more small lines inside these wings to show the bow creases.

Step 2:

If the bow is an essential element of Hello Kitty’s design, it is not the only iconic aspect of the character! He is also known for his big round head, which is what we are going to draw in this step. Keep the arc you drew in step one at the top right of your head as you draw. Most of his head is drawn in a large smooth oval shape. Then the ears will go to the upper sides of the head and be quite far apart. These will be drawn as slightly rounded triangular shapes. The one on the right will also be behind the arch of the first step.

Step 3:

We’ll finish the head later, but for now, we’ll draw the body in this step of our guide on how to draw Hello Kitty. Its body is smaller than its head and has relatively basic shapes. You can draw her small round body with curved lines starting from the head. His arms are also drawn with simple curved lines, and the right one is lifted in a wave.

Step 4:

This fourth part of your Hello Kitty drawing will be pretty simple! All you will do in this step is add some whiskers to his face. These are drawn very simply; you can complete this step by adding three simple lines on each cheek of her face. It’s easy, and you’re ready to add some final details in the next step!

Step 5:

How to Draw Hello Kitty

Soon you will be able to color your picture, but for now, we still have some final details to add to this step of our guide on how to draw Hello Kitty. First, we’ll have to finish his face. It’s an easy task, though! His eyes are drawn with two small solid black ovals. These will be far and close to the sides of your head. His nose is just as simple; you can draw this with a simple oval shape between the eyes. It takes care of her face, so now you can draw her legs.

It will also be straightforward! All you have to do is draw a straight line across its body near the base. Next, draw a vertical line down the center to create its legs. It takes care of the last details of this guide, but you can always add your own! You can also draw cool accessories and additional details for her. What fun extra touches can you think of adding to your Hello Kitty drawing?

Step 6:

How to Draw Hello Kitty

Now that you’ve finished your Hello Kitty drawing, it’s time to bring it to life with some color! Hello, Kitty has had many variations in its design, color combinations, and style over the years, and it’s up to you to create your own! You can be creative while coloring and create a cool new look for Hello Kitty. Our reference image used a pretty pink color scheme, as this color is often associated with Hello Kitty.

You can also choose this classic color scheme and use one of your favorite colors instead! Using mediums like colored pens, markers, or paint for an image like this can create original colors that pop. You can also opt for a more vintage look using watercolors, colored pencils, or colored pencils. What style of color will you choose for your Hello Kitty drawing?

Here’s how to make your Hello Kitty drawing even better…

These fun and easy tricks make this adorable Hello Kitty sketch even better! Salute, Kitty is a sign associated with type and tone. We’ve kept her style a little more straightforward in this Hello Kitty design, but you can give her a makeover if you like! It can be as simple as drawing a small picture or logo on your outfit. It could also be as tricky as giving her a whole new outfit! If you do this, will you build on an existing look for her or give her a new look?

If you can’t choose just one look for this Hello Kitty drawing, you can add several different versions of her in one image! She’s known as a singular character, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple versions of her. You could create a cute scene of the different kittens interacting and showing off their fashion items! How many Hello Kitty would you like to add here?

Another way to make this Hello Kitty sketch even more fashionable would be to add accessories for her. There are so many fun pieces you could dress her up with! These can include bags, purses, umbrellas, or necklaces, to name a small selection of items. However, you can give him any other item you can think of! When choosing the items you want, you can have fun with the colors and styles to go with them.

Finally, why not associate it by creating a background for this Hello Kitty drawing? You could create beautiful landscapes for her! For example, she could walk down a glamorous catwalk, showing off the fashionable looks you’ve designed for her. Or he could be at a fun party with all his friends. There are many ways to make this drawing even more interesting, and you can use a background with all of our other tips to make it even more extraordinary.

Your Hello Kitty drawing is complete!

We hope you will find drawing this iconic character easy and fun by following this guide! If you follow the steps and get creative, there’s no doubt that you can easily create your variation of Hello Kitty. You can also spice up this design by adding a background, different clothing details, or your choice’s glorious colors and artistic mediums. We can’t wait to see what you’re looking for!

When you finish this guide, please visit our website for many more amazing guides. We’d love to see how you finish your Hello Kitty drawing, so share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages once you’ve done it so we can admire it!

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