How to Draw Pikachu

Draw Pikachu in just 7 easy steps! Pokémon seems to have dominated the world! Since 1996, Pokémon has defeated media through video games, TV series, movies, toys, and anything else you can believe. If you ask anyone what Pokémon comes to mind, many will directly think of Pikachu. There are many iconic Pokémon, but the pretty Pikachu is the multiple recognizable, acting as a mascot for the whole sequence. 3d drawing

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If you are one of the numerous Pikachu lovers, you could understand how to seduce him, but you don’t know where to start! We’ve made this step-by-step manual on drawing Pikachu in 6 easy measures to make drawing a snap!

How to Draw Pikachu – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

We will begin with its lead to know how to draw Pikachu. If you enjoy more advice, you can draw a ring with a dull pencil to use as a principle. Next, we’ll begin his head utilizing three lines. The line at the top of her head will be curved, while the two on the flanks will be slightly wavier. Once it looks like the contact image, we can move on to step 2!

Step 2 – Draw in Pikachu’s Ears

Pikachu has characteristic pointed ears, and we’ll add them for this following step in your Pikachu drawing. In the earlier step, we left two small holes between the lines of his director, and you can count his ears in those rooms. To add in her ears, you can use lines that end in a dot, as seen in the photo.

Step 3: Donate his arms and body.

Now that you have your Pikachu design’s head and ears, you can add its arms and body. Just like the first step, you can use a light pencil to draw an oval shape under his head to help you get his body scale correct. By timing through his arms, you can add a slightly curved line just under his head.

Then dial in a few stitches for his fingers. You can then finish his arm with another line down to his body. Once you’ve repeated this step for his other arm, you can use two curved lines under his arms to render his body as it appears in the reference image.

Step 4: Now, draw Pikachu’s feet.

For the following action in our focus on drawing Pikachu, you can count its feet. Pikachu’s feet are very small and close to his body, with no legs between them and his body. You can use two curved lines for separate feet of your Pikachu strategy, then add a line for its lower body.

Step 5: Draw a tail for Pikachu.

Another aspect of Pikachu that makes him so iconic is his lightning bolt tail. This helps represent that he has electricity power, and now we’ll add him to your Pikachu design. Its tail may take some practice to get the shape right, so you can practice on another piece of paper before drawing it on your Pikachu.

It is made up of a few straight and irregular lines to form the shape of its tail. Once you’ve added his tail, you can use two short lines near the top of his ears because the tips of his ears will be a different color than the rest of his ears.

Step 6: Now fit Pikachu’s face.

For this penultimate step of our guide on how to draw Pikachu, we’ll add a face and some final details. For his looks, he has two small circles, especially far asunder on his face. You can draw a little loop in each one to show a gleam in his watch. You can then draw a little nose that looks a bit like a cat’s nose. Its mouth is made up of two curved lines, with a long shape below to show its mouth is open. The final elements of her face are two circles on her cheek that you can color later. Once her face is complete, you can finish it with some lines on her feet to show the split of her toes.

Step 7: Finish your drawing with some color.

With these last details, you have successfully drawn Pikachu! Your Pikachu drawing isn’t quite finished yet, and now you can have fun bringing it to life with a few colors. Pikachu is a brightly colored character featuring vibrant yellows, browns, and a beautiful red on his cheeks.

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