How to Keep Your Child Away From Uncertain Digital World

We were on our way to school when I heard the kids talk about the online campaign they participated in for the kid to find his parents. They were discussing the sad outcome as the kid committed suicide at the end.  Well, the term suicide was enough to grab my attention. The way my kids were discussing the whole thing portrayed that they were too much invested in the whole story. On asking they told me the sad story about a teenage boy. He was adopted and then his parents died in a car crash. He was practically raised by the grandparents who were hypothetically not even the real grandparents. He started an online campaign; the purpose was to help him find his real parents. He found them who were married separately and were living their own life. Yes until now you might be amazed by the power of digital media and social media platforms but the story does not end here. He met them and just like any real story which is not a fairy tale he did not get the expected response. He was disappointed and in that mood, he shared some vulnerable moments on his public channel with the followers. That too did not end well as people started to call him out as a gold digger and selfish and there was this storm of abusive comments that hews not ready to handle. So at the end of the day, he could handle the pressure and unexpected outcome and committed suicide. 

The sad story showed two major sides of the digital world. The powerful magical side and the brutal honesty and no mercy side. The combination practically took the life of an innocent and passionate kid who has yet to see the world. On my way back I was thinking about the uncertain world and it was worrisome. I don’t know what my kids are doing on their social media platforms. One of them has not even told us about the social media information, user name or handle etc. What if such nasty and rude comments are targeted at my kid? I would not even know what my kid is going through as I am unaware of the online world happening. Thus I followed my friend’s advice and spontaneously got the TheOneSpy android spy software.

The way my kids were invested in the happening of the digital world made me think that I should be there too as well. Parental control apps like the TheOneSpy allow giving the parents a secret way to this world. 

  • According to the Cyber bullying .org statistics, 23.3% of people from the sample were being bullied and that was just the record of one month. Bullying in teenagers Is not an old concept though the digital media platform has made it way easy for them as they can now hide behind their screen 
  • TheOneSpy android spy software is a spy app that let the parents know about the kid’s life and online activities in a very professional way. 
  • You need to install the app on the teenager device when you have physical access as it can only be installed physically.
  • Once installed the app offered many interesting features that include social media and instant messenger chat app-related monitoring features. 
  • Just name it and the TheOneSpy android spy app cover that app for you. 
  • Facebook spy app can let you know when your kid goes online and practically let you monitor every Facebook activity. You can check if they are getting any weird comments about their appearance, colour size, or life choices. 
  • Instagram spy app is the other example of the social media monitoring features offered by the spy app. You can check out the follower’s details and take action right away. 
  • No need to worry about the disappeared Snapchat content as the data is saved with timestamp information on the web portal.  Even if your kid tries to get rid of the data, the spy app will save it for you. 
  • Other features include the WhatsApp spy app, Line spy app, Kik spy app, Tinder spy app, Telegram spy app and many more. 

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