I’m Feeling Curious

The Google search engine has just added a new feature called “Im Feeling Curious.” This new feature is a handy tool that shows some of the most popular questions that people ask Google and provides answers along with links to further information. You don’t even have to leave the search engine to ask a question.

Random facts appear on your screen

If you’re on the iPhone 6S Plus, you now have easy access to random facts in the Google app. Simply tap 3D Touch to open the menu, and you’ll see three pop-up options. Select the “I’m Feeling Curious” option and the screen will show a random fact.

You don’t have to leave the search engine

If you’re bored and don’t know what to do with your spare time, Google’s I’m feeling curious feature can help you out. This tool shows the most popular facts and answers to your curiosities. This way, you won’t have to leave the search engine.

You can ask questions about anything

If you are unsure how to begin a conversation, start by asking questions. Asking questions becomes second nature after some practice, and will decrease nervousness and self-consciousness when you begin a conversation. To make this task easier, make a list of questions that are your favorites. Once you have a list, try adding to it or coming up with your own questions.

You don’t have to blame

Rather than blaming other people when your curiosity is getting the best of you, try to shift your focus from blame to learning. Using the blame response only limits your ability to take action and robs you of the opportunity to develop and grow. The qualities of blame include judgment, anger, fear, punishment, and self-righteousness. By shifting your focus from blame to learning, you open yourself up to a world of new possibilities.

You don’t shame others

Shaming others is a losing strategy. If you feel that you’ve done something wrong, don’t use shame to get your way. Rather, write down positive qualities about yourself. Remind yourself that you’re unique and you have gifts to offer. This will help you overcome feelings of shame. If you can’t stand to be around someone who constantly shames you, try to avoid being around them.

Shaming others is common and there are many reasons why people do it. Some people do it to feel superior or intimidated, others do it to elevate their own status. Others do it subconsciously to project their own shame onto others. Either way, retaliating with shame damages both parties.

You don’t have hidden agendas

People with hidden agendas don’t always tell the truth. They can act aggressively when they’re trying to prove their worth or prove themselves indispensable. They can do so to feel noticed, validated, or even get revenge. The motivations behind these actions may not be clear, but they are often deeply rooted in a belief system.

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