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If your car has been impounded, your ongoing policy will not cover its release in which case you will require specialist cover.

Has your car been impounded? With the right impound insurance UK, you can avoid excessive headaches when it comes to retrieving your impounded car.

Insurance for impounded cars

One of the main reasons for which your car can be impounded is that it is not insured. If that is the case, you may find it tough to get your car covered. This is because, generally, insurance providers will not insure impounded cars.

This is why it is essential to ensure that your insurance covers you for releasing your car.

Why do you need impound insurance UK?

You might need impounded vehicle insurance if your current insurance policy does not already offer cover for releasing an impounded vehicle. If your car has been impounded, you will have to show proof of impounded vehicle insurance to release it. So, if you are not already insured, you will need to add this cover to your insurance policy or take out a temporary impound insurance UK policy for impounded vehicles.

Some insurance providers might offer quick cover. By sending you evidence of insurance documents straight away, you will be able to release your vehicle.

Why are cars impounded by police?

The police and other authorities can impound a vehicle if it is:

  • Illegally parked
  • Not insured
  • Not paying road tax
  • Using the car in a dangerous or careless manner
  • Driven by someone without a valid driving license
  • Parking on public roads
  • Parking on private land without a SORN (Statutory OFF Road Notification)

Our impound policy

We are the home of insurance for impounded vehicles

To release an impounded vehicle, you will be required to provide proof of insurance for a minimum of 30 days. Whatever the reason your car was impounded, most standard policies will have specific restrictions which do not allow you to release your car.

Simple temporary insurance

At this moment, temporary insurance is required to help release the impounded car. A daily storage fee applies for impounded vehicles and if not collected, they can be scrapped or thrown away.

Release my vehicle is a combination of some of the most competitive insurance providers in the UK all of which are keen to save time and money. It is a simple procedure. Just complete the form on the website and we will introduce you to our insurance providers that have particularly asked to get an insurance quote for your business. Once you have spoken to the insurance provider, you can choose which is appropriate for you. 

Keep in mind that you have to act quickly if you want to save on impound costs which is why impound insurance UK can prove to be the perfect solution. 

Release my vehicle can arrange insurance quotes for drivers whose vehicles have been impounded by the authorities. We have developed good relationships with top insurance providers in the UK who will arrange insurance for you to get your vehicle out of an impound.

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