Introducing Automation to the Traditional Crate Handling Solution

You can order an automatic order-picking system that is made for handling products in plastic crates, totes, trays, and baskets. It also gives you 100% assurance. It is very difficult for humans to do every single task like operations supervision, order release, order picking, transport planning, product shortage management, etc. 

For this, you need a robotic solution that combines the functions of buffer storage and order picking that are flexible and can handle large volumes very easily. This robotic technology can be applied as a fully integrated, automated handling system. In the distribution center of fruits and vegetables, it is required to handle pallets and a multitude of unit loads. 

This system has a horizontal and vertical modular conveyor belt for transport. It needs to identify each crate and its content key. That is why the crate handling system uses RFID or barcodes for the identification of crates, and you can make sure that there is full control over the production line. The PLC HMI system is used to control the crate handling system. The system also includes a range of options which includes a washing and drying system.

Handling and Packing Solution: To Boost Production

This system has a range of handling and packing solutions; they all are customized for the specific requirements of each individual production facility. By making a focus on ergonomics, this system also offered a customized packing system to pack products in cartons or plastic trays in a proper line. It helps to increase the efficiency of the process and optimum product flow. These systems are easily available in various configurations to meet hygiene standards. This system helps you to maintain maximum output in a little time. They also contribute to low operating costs. 

Saves on Storage on Costs

This system has an open-top nature, and plastic crates are nestable, so it allows you to save space savings that can not be achieved with cardboard boxes. As the word space saving might sound crazy at first, but when it is scaled to the entire operation, then it will give you a bigger transport capacity and subsequently reduce the cost. These are not only one-way containers, so the durability to be washed allows them to be reused. These facts can allow suppliers to offer the option of renting plastic crates when you need them.

Vertical Crate Handling System

The reuse of plastic crates is invented as a whole supply chain committed to crate handling. Crates that are arriving from markets or washing planets are nested stacks. The floor place always becomes a precious resource which is why the engineers make the vertical solution for this by overlapping both production and crate handling. If you want to go up, then this system also has the solution for this, like it has side grips which help to do this. Depending on the situation, you can merge the two processes into one so that you can flip them or make the crates upside down.

Horizontal Crate Handling System

After the growth of the production, the industrial engineers start to optimize your plant layout. These layers are interconnected as well as intertwined. By using this robotic solution, you can also make the crates hop from one line to another in a smooth way. You can easily switch your crates from one line to another with the help of a crate diverter. It makes sure that the transition is happening snagging-free. Merging the crates line over 1 or 2 feeds with two outfeeds can be possible with this crate handling system. The crate orientation helps to correct the orientation of the crate before the use sensitive process. It can be performed by both electrical and pneumatically actuated. 

Reduce the Labor When Handling and Cleaning Crates

This crate handling system also offers automation in the reception area. Stacked crates are loaded manually in the conveyor system; after that, they are conveyed to automatic crate washing, as well as stacking. The automation helps the crates to constantly feed in the shacking area, and then they optimize the utilization of the slaughter line.

Ensure Daily Efficiency

In this system, you can get complete crate handling systems with a variety of layouts that are easily integrated into your production line. This system is created to handle a variety of sizes and with 2-3 stacks of crates with 4-10 crates in each stack. 

Different Automation Levels

It also has different automation levels in the reception area; roller conveyors can transport the full crates to destocking automation which helps to save the worker’s manual work. The easy and smooth movements during destocking will reduce the bird’s stress and make sure that they are constantly feeding in the shacking area.

Reliability To Optimize Uptime

The crate handling system is created as wear-resistant and for daily use and washdown purposes. The construction of the belt and chain conveyors made sure of reliable daily production, and it also needed a very low cost of ownership.

Fast and Effective Crate Washing

Basically, the crate washing is done in three steps first, soaking and removing the solids and softening the debris. Second, washing by using water nozzles. And the third is rinsing with clean water. Optimal water pressure during the separator drum can separate the offal from the water before the water runs over the reservoirs by using high-water pressure pumps.

Wrapped Up

Since the technology has been developing and increasing its value in the market and homes, you can use the robotic solution, which helps to work more, and you need to invest a very less amount for this. It solves problems like crate handling, maintaining, moving, and switching. 

In this robotic system, it will be very easy, and you don’t need to work manually. This system is fully automatic, and it is designed for daily purposes. Here you can get all the list of benefits that you are getting through this system.

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