A diamond pendant has forever been a famous present for a friend or family member. The sensitive shimmer of the hanging diamond makes the piece one of the most rich bits of adornments. A diamond necklace is regularly casually compatible with a diamond pendant, however, in truth, they are altogether different pieces. A diamond necklace is made to circumvent the neck while a diamond pendant is a little, sensitive piece which is made to be held tight by a chain. Albeit these chains are frequently worn around the neck, they can be worn as anklets and bracelets also. Diamond necklaces are intended to upgrade and feature your décolletage whether that be through shape, cut or diamond position. A pendant, then again, isn’t constantly planned explicitly for your neck area. We will be examining more profundity at kinds of the two necklaces and pendants, assisting you with picking the right necklace for your style.

Sorts of diamond necklaces and pendants

There are various styles of diamond necklace with some fitting various neck areas and outfits.


The choker necklace, so named because of its tight plan, sits snugly around your neck like a turtleneck. This intense plan features the neck and shoulders while permitting the wearer to ooze a steamy and strange energy. Styles can go from a basic strip, tied around the neck, to a full diamond encrusted necklace that shines each time you move your head. We suggest wearing a choker with strapless dress as this necklace was worked to feature exposed shoulders and neck.


A diamond course necklace is a genuine masterpiece. With numerous strands that each radiance and glimmer, this piece is one of the most attractive types of adornments. The individuals who wear course diamond necklaces are known for their certainty – a course necklace is an intense assertion so is best worn by somebody who applies positive about themselves. This piece looks staggering with planer outfits so the main spot the eye can be attracted to is the decolletage.

Single Strand

A solitary strand necklace is somewhat more inconspicuous than its various strand sister – generally a solitary strand of pearls, this necklace is perhaps the easiest plan which makes it even more wonderful. How you wear a solitary strand necklace is totally reliant upon the length – a solitary strand choker looks best with a strapless dress to highlight your shoulders, though a long strand may be worn in a greater amount of an ordinary setting.

Princess Length

The Princess length hangs just underneath the collarbone. It very well may be a strong strand of diamonds like a solitary strand or coarse necklace, yet it can likewise be a pendant strung onto the right length chain. Albeit this length looks great with practically any outfit, we suggest a plunging neck area. A princess length necklace will lay on your chest making an enticing line to your cleavage and integrating your outfit.

Show length

The Opera Length necklace is long and low and is normally produced using a solitary strand. It looms over a dress or pullover making a bohemian kind of look. Show length gold neck chains produced using diamonds are genuinely an incredible sight – they shine like a length of pixie dust around your neck and cast rainbow refractions as the light hits them adding a little bit of sorcery to your outfit.

Solitaire Pendants

At last, the solitaire cut is one of the most famous diamond cuts close by, princess and corona, regardless of whether it be for diamond pendants, diamond earrings or diamond rings. The cut has various surfaces permitting the light to skip around the room and stunning any individual who sees them. A pendant customarily lounges around a basic chain, yet the length of the chain truly figures out what you wear with it. We suggest, whatever the length of the chain, wearing something that attracts your eye to the pendant as diamonds ought to forever be superstars.

The most effective method to pick a diamond necklace or pendant

Prior to purchasing anything diamond related you should have essential information on the 4Cs of diamonds purchased – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. All our diamond gems are made in light of these four precepts to make the most staggering pieces. 

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