Know how Automated Guided Vehicles work

In a high-tech era, the world is moving fast. Economic growth is multiplying because we have many automated machines and equipment to manufacture, supply, and transport goods. We knew that industrial, production, and warehousing units play an important role in managing the goods delivery system. An efficient and automated material handling management system is necessary to speed up the supply of materials safely. The introduction of Automated Guided Vehicle has simplified the work of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution system easier. Automated Guided Vehicles are often called self-driven vehicles. Armstrong is one of the major players in supplying world-class automated guided solutions to industrial, warehousing, and other units. Armstrong has completed more than one thousand projects by offering clients the best-automated systems.

How automated guided vehicle works

In simple terms, automated guided vehicles are motorized vehicles with self-propelled sensors and software that guide those movements. These vehicles are one of the greatest inventions of the experts with the use of new and advanced technology. These automated vehicles are designed and developed with dynamic navigation capabilities. Automated Guided Vehicleworks on various mechanisms. Some of them are:

AGV navigation

One of the widely used mechanisms for working with automated guided vehicles is AGV navigation. It includes

Magnetic guide tape:

Magnetic tapes and sensors are used in automated guided vehicles to help them follow the track.

Vision guidance:

Most automated vehicles use a vision guidance mechanism for navigation. The camera is used to record the routes and their features. The guidance helps by not modifying the vehicle infrastructure and moving correctly on routes.

Laser target navigation:

The laser transmission technique is used in this mechanism. Reflective tapes are installed on walls and poles. Laser transmitters and receivers are installed in the automated guided vehicle. When laser light is reflected, vehicles follow them by calculating the object’s angle and distance.

AGV steering

AGV steering is another mechanism used in automated vehicles related to speed control and the steering wheels. This mechanism is used by having a combination of the following.

  • Differential speed control:

    As the name suggested, the different speed control mechanism is used to move automated guided vehicles. The drive wheels of vehicles have different speeds to turn. Therefore two independent speed control options are there for forwarding and backward movement.

  • Steered wheel control:

    Steered wheel control is suitable for towing applications. In this control system, the driving wheel is the only turning wheel. It can also be operator controlled.

  • Combination steering:

    There are self-regulating drive motors on slanting corners and swiveling castors in this mechanism. These steerings are like any other vehicle that can turn in any direction.

AGV traffic control

Automated guided vehicle traffic control consists of zone control, collision avoidance, or a combination of both:

  • Zone control:

    A zone control system is essential in an automated vehicle. Wireless transmitters are used to help the vehicles move in a defined zone. Vehicles are designed with sensors that receive signals that direct them to move in a particular area or restrict them.

  • Collision avoidance:

    In collusion avoidance, sensors at an automated guided vehicle stop them from moving in a direction that may damage them. The sensors transmit signals ad give commands when the vehicle is close to any physical substances.

  • Combination control:

    The combination control mechanism is a combination of both zone control and collision control. Using such a control system is an automated vehicle high-level collision prevention system.

For regulating the work of manufacturing, warehousing, and supply unit, automated systems and equipment are essential. It increases productivity and efficiency on the one hand and reduces the cost of handling on the other hand. If you are struggling with handling the materials in your warehouse & supply unit, Armstrong’s Automated Guided Vehicle solutions are perfect for tackling all your material handling challenges.

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