Lawrence Okolie warns: I know Chris Billam-Smith and Shane McGuigan too, and I’m going to break him!

Lawrence Okolie, a British professional boxer and former Olympian, has issued a warning that Chris Billam-Smith is in for a fight, putting the boxing community on edge once more. Tensions are high as the two combatants get ready to square off in the ring because of their long-standing history that stretches back to their days as amateurs. However, Shane McGuigan, Billam-Smith’s trainer and one of the most well-known figures in the sport, is also the target of Okolie’s crosshairs in addition to Billam-Smith. With all the intrigue surrounding this approaching battle, it’s understandable that fans are eager to find out what will happen next.

Who is Lawrence Okolie?

From London’s Hackney, professional boxer Lawrence Okolie is 28 years old. He participates in the cruiserweight class and has an outstanding height of 6’5″. At the age of 18, Okolie began boxing, and he soon established himself as a fighter to watch at soccer streams reddit.

Okolie fought in the Olympics as a member of Team GB’s boxing squad before becoming pro. He also took home gold in the Commonwealth Games and the European Championships.

Okolie has gone on to win all but one of his fights since turning professional in 2017, a remarkable performance that highlights his inherent strength and ring prowess. His most recent triumph came earlier this year when he defeated Krzysztof Glowacki and won the WBO cruiserweight championship.

But Lawrence Okolie’s mentality also makes him a fascinating fighter to watch, in addition to his stellar resume. He is well known for expressing his thoughts both inside and outside of the ring, and he is not hesitant to accept a challenge or to criticise other fighters when required.

Can he keep his undefeated record going as he trains for his upcoming fight against Chris Billam-Smith? Time will only tell!

Who is Chris Billam-Smith?

Professional British boxer Chris Billam-Smith has been making waves in the sport. Chris began his career as an amateur and fought more than 50 times before turning professional. He was born on August 10th, 1990 in Bournemouth, England.

Chris, also known as “The Gentleman,” became pro in 2017 and has since won all but one of his fights. His lone defeat came in a bout for the WBA Intercontinental Cruiserweight championship in December 2019 against Richard Riakporhe.

At the McGuigan Gym, Billam-Smith works out with famous coach Shane McGuigan with other elite competitors like Chantelle Cameron, who will soon face Lawrence Okolie, and Naoya Inoue, the undisputed bantamweight champion.

Chris Billam-Smith is regarded as Lawrence Okolie’s most difficult opponent due to his strong resume and training with Shane McGuigan. Fans won’t want to miss the spectacular bout between these two boxers, which is promised!

Who is Shane McGuigan?

Former professional boxer and well-known boxing instructor Shane McGuigan hails from London, England. Barry McGuigan, a great Irish boxer, is the father of this man, who was born on February 11th, 1989.

McGuigan began boxing at the age of nine and won an amateur championship before going professional in 2010. He only fought six times in his professional career before being forced to quit due to a hand injury.

After retiring from fighting, McGuigan focused on coaching and rapidly became recognised as one of the greatest coaches in the industry. He has collaborated with some of the top boxers, including Josh Taylor, George Groves, David Haye, Carl Frampton, and David Haye.

The foundation of McGuigan’s training approach is developing a relationship of trust with his fighters. He thinks he can persuade his boxers to give their best efforts both inside and outside the ring by forging close bonds with them.

In today’s boxing, Shane McGuigan is recognised as one of the best trainers. For every fighter that gets into the ring, his enthusiasm for the sport and years of expertise both inside and outside the ring make him a tough opponent!

What happened between Lawrence Okolie and Chris Billam-Smith?

Since their days as amateurs, Chris Billam-Smith and Lawrence Okolie have been at odds. At the 2015 National Championships, when they first faced off in the ring, Okolie prevailed through unanimous decision.

In the professional ranks, where both boxers advanced swiftly, their paths once more met. They were set to square off in July 2019 for the British Cruiserweight championship, however Billam-Smith withdrew due to an injury.

On social media, this sparked some contentious discussions between the two, with Okolie accusing his adversary of dodging him. Billam-Smith argued that he was hurt and wouldn’t be prepared to fight until he had completely healed.

There is no doubting that both boxers are extraordinarily gifted within the ring, despite their disagreements outside of it. Fans won’t want to miss what seems to be an intense confrontation between them.

Why is Lawrence Okolie fighting Shane McGuigan?

An eagerly awaited bout between Lawrence Okolie and Shane McGuigan is scheduled. But why are these two combatants engaging in a fight? The explanation is straightforward: Lawrence Okolie wants to establish himself as the top cruiserweight fighter currently competing, and he feels that defeating Shane McGuigan would do this.

The boxing world has recently noticed Shane McGuigan, who many see as one of the sport’s most promising young stars. However, for Lawrence Okolie, this simply serves to stoke his already raging fire. Shane McGuigan is just another hurdle in his way of success, according to him.

In addition, based on their prior experiences, Okolie and McGuigan appear to have some animosity towards one another. There is no doubt that both boxers have something to prove, and when they enter the ring, emotions will be at an all-time high.

This fight between two accomplished fighters at the height of their career promises to be a fierce struggle. Nothing less than a full-fledged battle between these two passionate rivals aiming for supremacy in their weight class is what spectators can anticipate.

What are people saying about the fight?

Lawrence Okolie and Shane McGuigan’s forthcoming battle has both boxing fans and pundits excited. Given their respective stellar ring histories, these two highly competent fighters are expected to engage in a challenging contest.

According to some analysts, Okolie’s size advantage will give him the upper hand in this contest, while other experts think that McGuigan’s quickness and agility may allow him to outmanoeuvre Okolie.

Fans have also voiced their opinions on social media, with many expressing excitement at the idea of seeing these two gifted boxers square off. Some people have even made predictions on who they believe will win.

There is little doubt that this fight will be an exciting sight for boxing fans across the world, regardless of who eventually prevails. With so much talent and grit on exhibit, everyone engaged is certain to have a memorable evening.


Lawrence Okolie and Shane McGuigan’s next bout is widely anticipated by the boxing community. Even though Okolie has made it plain that he intends to defeat his rival, only time will tell who eventually prevails.

We can only hope for a thrilling and fair bout in which both combatants give it their best in the ring as sports fans. This fight is expected to be exciting, and the animosity between the two boxers only heightens the anticipation.

Whatever happens, this battle will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most illustrious encounters in recent memory. So set the dates on your calendars and get ready for a memorable boxing night!

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