Leaked Suicide Squad Screen Appears to Reveal Live Service Game With a Battle Pass

Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and with good reason. The cast is fantastic, the trailers are intense, and the whole thing looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. But there’s one little detail that many people have been buzzing about: a leaked Suicide Squad screen that seems to reveal a live service game with a battle pass. If this turns out to be true, it would be an absolutely massive development for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. It would also mark a huge departure from the traditional model for superhero movies, which have typically been set in release periods where players can only experience the movie through cinemas. Whatever the case may be, we will have to wait and see what actually happens when Suicide Squad hits theaters later this year. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for more news about this exciting new project.

The Suicide Squad Game is Real

According to an image that has been circulating online, the Suicide Squad game is apparently real and in development. The image shows a screen with a live service game with a battle pass. The details of the service are unknown at this time, but it would appear that players will be able to fight through challenges to earn rewards.

While it’s unknown if this is legit or not, it’s certainly an interesting possibility and something that fans of the movie franchise have been clamoring for since the announcement of the film’s cancellation. If true, it would seem to confirm previous reports of a Suicide Squad game being in development by Warner Bros.

The Battle Pass Looks Pretty Good

The leaked Suicide Squad screen appears to reveal live service game with a battle pass. According to the image, which was first spotted by Reddit user DiamondKitsune, the game will feature a battle pass that will give players access to new outfits and weapons as they level up. Players will also be able to compete in challenges and tournaments with other players. The picture also shows what appears to be Harley Quinn skin for player characters.

Suicide Squad is set to arrive on August 5th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

There’s No Release Date Yet

Rumors are swirling that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are planning to release a Suicide Squad live service game in collaboration with Epic Games. The game, which is said to be in development for at least two years, may potentially include characters and scenes from the latest DC film, Suicide Squad.

The leaked screen appears to show off a battle pass system where players can unlock new content as they progress in the game. This could include weapons, outfits, and even new teammates. Players would also be able to compete against others in challenges inspired by the movie.

As of now there is no release date for the Suicide Squad live service game, but it seems likely that we will hear more about it very soon.


A leaked Suicide Squad screen appearing to show a live service game with a battle pass has sparked excitement among fans of the comic book movie. The image, which seemingly leaked from an Amazon listing for the game, shows different characters as unlockables and suggests that players will be able to use their skills in-game to progress through the story.

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